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Review: Home for the Holidays by Rochelle Alers

Home for the Holidays
by Rochelle Alers

Iris Nelson moved to Cavanaugh Island in hopes of leaving everything about her old life behind and for a chance to start a new one. She land a job at a locally bakery, a nice apartment and a best friend. What else could make this holiday season better? Maybe a gorgeous Army Master Sergeant Collier Ward.

Collier has always kept himself closed off from everybody but his family. That changes when he meets his sisters new best friend Iris. He connects with Iris like has never connected with any other woman. However, he is only in town for a short time. Should Collier give in and date Iris? Should Iris open up to Collier or just stay friends?

My Review:

This is first book that I have read of Rochelle Alers in her Cavanaugh Island series. I think that Rochelle did a great job of setting the scene of this book. I really felt like I was in the small town of Cavanaugh Island and Iris's next door neighbor. She did a great job of also really building the characters background story so that you would understand why they were the way they were.

In addition, I think that she did a  good job keeping the characters real. She did this by showing what abuse could do to a woman and what war does to our men who serve over seas. I was very impressed how real it was and made me want to read the book until the end.

Even though this was a short christmas novella I felt like it impressed me just as much as a regular book would. I am very interested to read more in this series and from this author.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Review: Christmas at Carriage Hill by Carla Neggars

Christmas at Carriage Hill


All Alexandra Hunt has ever wanted to do is design. So when she gets the opportunity to create her cousin's fiances dress she jumps at the chance. Thinking she may never get the chance to design her own wedding dress she makes the most beautiful dress ever and is asked to come to the wedding. Alexandra happily agrees as she hopes that it will help her get over her latest relationship failure. However, things don't go as planned when who should show up at the same inn as Alexandria but her ex- Ian Mabry.

Will Alex be able to keep her distance away from Ian so that she doesn't fall under the love spell of the sexy fighter pilot?

My Review:

This is the second book that I have read of Carla Neggers and the 3.5 in the Swift River Valle series. I think that Carla did a great job of setting the scene in both locations that the book took place in which was London and Swift River Valley. As I read it felt like I was transported to those locations and part of the scenery. In addition, I think that the characters were well developed and believable. As a reader this is very important to me because if the story is unbelievable the book ends up being boring and not worth finishing. Lastly, I loved the historical romance that she brought into this book. You got to learn more about Alexandria's grandma and her love story. I would love for her to do a book that told their love story as I know I would enjoy it!

The other aspect of the book that I thought was good was when Carla caught the readers up on previous characters that were in the previous three books in the series. I always like when authors do this because it brings back my favorite characters and incorporates them into the next story so you don't lose out on their story even if it isn't the main attraction. I am very interested to see where she is going to take the series going forward and can't wait for read the 4th book that is coming out this spring.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Review of All I Want for Christmas by Jessica Scott

All I Want for Christmas is You

Major Patrick MacLean has only wanted one thing this Christmas and that is to be with the love of his life and his child. However, things don't go as he would like when his wife up and leaves with his daughter Natalie returning to her home town. Will Patrick be able to save his marriage and bring his family back together in time for Christmas?

Captain Samantha Egan has felt an emptiness insider her since the day that she returned home from the war. She is not sure if she can be the woman that Patrick once loved. So she packs up and leaves with her daughter and heads back to the only safe place she knows. Her moms house back in her hometown. Will Samantha be able to move pass the pain of war and move on with her life or will she continue to alienate herself from her family and friends.

My Review:

This is the first book that I have read of Jessica Scott's and the first that I have read in her Coming Home series. For not having read any of the previous books in the series I think that Jessica did a great job of making this a stand alone novel that a romance reader could pick up and enjoy. In addition, I also thought Jessica did a great job of developing the characters from the beginning of the novella to the end.

In regards to the content I think that she did a good job of describing life in the military. Although I don't personally live or work in the military from what she wrote i think she did an honest job and made it as real as possible.

I think all in all this was a great novella that I would definitely recommend to my reader friends ad other authors. I am very interested now in reading more books from this author and series!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Christmas Novella Blog Tour: Featuring Jill Shalvis, Jessica Scott, and Nadia Lee + Giveaway!

Love a great Christmas romance, but pressed for time? Pick up a holiday novella to satisfy your craving for a great happy-ever-after. This season contemporary authors Jill Shalvis, Jessica Scott, and Nadia Lee are all releasing Christmas reads. Today these authors stop by to spread the holiday cheer and discuss their characters' New Year's resolutions. Take it away ladies!

Jill Shalvis author of Merry Christmas, Baby

Chloe’s New Year’s resolution is to stop driving her sexy, gorgeous husband Sawyer batshit crazy. She knows she does it, and sometimes she does it on purpose, but she is going to try really hard to keep it to a minimum this year in the name of keeping the romance alive. Sawyer would say that was a great resolution but that he loves her just as she is and no changes are necessary. Yeah, we love him to death… Oh as for Sawyer’s resolution? He doesn’t make them.

Jessica Scott author of All I Want For Christmas Is You

Sam is going to work on getting her head fixed. She’s had a heck of time adjusting to coming home from the war so she’s planning on spending some quality time with Patrick and getting their lives put back together. They both know they’ve got a lot of work to do but the most important thing to Sam is that Patrick didn’t leave her when she’d royally messed up.

Patrick plans on spending time taking care of Sam. He hasn’t had a lot of time to spoil her and he wants to get to know her again. What are her likes and dislikes. Can he remember how to make her body sing. He’d got plans for New Years Eve that involve Sam and a bottle of champagne and not necessarily in that order.

Nadia Lee author of The Billionaire’s Holiday Obsession

Iain's resolution is to be more open to others and to new ideas (to make Jane happy). And also to make Jane laugh at least once a day.

Jane's resolution is to start her career as a private chef. And to visit at least two places she's never been before...which won’t be difficult, as she hasn’t done much traveling.

About the Novellas

Merry Christmas, Baby by Jill Shalvis

Wild child Chloe Thompson can't believe how much things have changed. She still can't get enough of her sexy husband Sawyer, but he seems to prefer working to impending fatherhood. So tonight, a very pregnant Chloe is escaping her troubles at the town Christmas party.

Sheriff Sawyer Thompson hopes surprising Chloe at the party will give him a chance to set things right. But as the snow begins to fall and the wind rages, he wonders whether he can make it back in time. While mother nature conspires to keep Sawyer and Chloe apart, an unexpected arrival will require them to kiss and make up . . . and ring in the happiest holiday Lucky Harbor has ever seen.

All I Want For Christmas Is You by Jessica Scott

All Major Patrick MacLean wanted was Christmas with the woman and child who were his family in everything but name. But Captain Samantha Egan has come back from the war a different woman than the one who left - and she doesn't know if she can love him anymore.

But neither of them counted on the determination of a little girl they both call daughter and if Natalie has her wish, her parents may have no idea what's coming for them. It's going to take Christmas miracle to bring these two wounded warriors back from the edge of a broken heart.

The Billionaire’s Holiday Obsession by Nadia Lee

Deep in debt and stalked by a deadly conman, Jane Connolly needs a job and a safe place to stay. With no one to turn to in an unfamiliar city, she can't refuse the kindness of a magnetic stranger.

A former mixed martial arts fighter, billionaire Iain Pryce couldn't walk away from a small town girl in a big city, especially when it's obvious she's in trouble. But her sweet spirit threatens the single principle he's been living under for the past thirteen years: don't lose control...

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Review of Merry Christmas, Baby by Jill Shalvis

Merry Christmas, Baby by Jill Shalvis

Chloe Thompson has everything a girl could ask for a great husband, amazing sisters and a great job. However, things shake up in her life when she finds out that she is pregnant. This is a surprise because neither Chloe or her husband Sawyer ever thought they would be parents because of their difficult childhoods. To bring in more money for his growing family Sawyer starts working additional jobs which takes him away from his wife and growing child. This puts strain on their marriage as Chloe worries that her husband won't come home and that she will have to raise her child alone. Will Sawyer and Chloe be able to make their marriage work? Will Chloe be able to relax and enjoy this holiday season?

In this short novella Jill brings you humor, tears, family and friends.

My Review:

I am a huge fan of Jill Shalvis and her Lucky Harbor series so when I heard that she was ending it I was sad but also understood why she was doing so. However, I am very grateful that she gave us another Christmas book, "Merry Christmas, Baby" and that she had my favorite two characters Sawyer and Chloe being the main storyline. Out of all the books that I have read in the Lucky Harbor series theirs was the story that I connected with the most so when I found out that Jill was having them have a baby I was ecstatic!

Again Jill did a great job of setting the scene of the book and her writing as always was excellent. I think that she does a great job of mixing romance, emotion and laughter all into her books and really has you caring for her characters.

Great job Jill. I can't wait to read more of your books and hope that you come out with another great series like Lucky Harbor!

Review of A Matter of Heart by Tracie Peterson

A Matter of Heart by Tracie Peterson

Book Three in the Lone Star Bride series begins a couple months after Alice and Robert have wed and have welcomed a child. This story centers around Jessica Atherton who we first met in the second book and Austin Todd who is a cattle inspector.

Jessica is on a journey to find out who she is and what God has in store for her after, Robert the boy she was groomed to marry, marries someone else. Well on her journey and after dealing with countless suitors she meets two men Harrison Gable and Austin Todd. Two very different men both after the same thing, Jessica's heart.

Austin Todd, a former agent moves to Texas to be a cattle inspector has no plans to make friends or meet women. However, things change when he meets the Barnett's and Jessica Atherton. Not only does he make friends in the Barnett's but also helps them resolve a mystery that has been plaguing Jake and Marty since moving back to Texas from Denver.

My Review:

This is the second book that I have read in this series by Tracie Peterson and I love it. I was a little apprehensive of her choosing Jessica as the one of the main characters as I was not a fan of her in the first book. Tracie surprised me though and really had her grow throughout the whole book. I actually ended up really liking her and rooting for her and Austin to end up together.

What I think Tracie did very well and what in my opinion a very smart move on her part was having a certain story line cross over into all three books. I really liked this because I love to keep up to date on characters from the other books and see how they grow. I am interested to see if she will be adding anymore to the series or if this will be the last one as I really like these set of characters.

Lastly, I think that Tracie did a great job of setting the scene and developing the characters really week. You really felt like you were back in time on the ranch raising cattle with the Barnetts and

This is definitely a book that I recommend to both christian fiction and fiction readers.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Review of Christmas Ranch by RaeAnne Thayne

Christmas Ranch 

Hope Nichols has always been on the move from the day she graduated college. Traveling and teaching English in foreign countries. That is until years later when she feels like the only place she is meant to be is at Christmas Ranch. However, when Hope returns she finds that ranch is in dispare and that her family needs her more than ever. In need of immediate extra help Hope agrees to hire Rafe Santiago a retired navy seal and his nephew. Little does she know that Rafe has a secret that could turn her and her family upside down?

Rafe Santiago comes to Pine Gulch with one thing on his mind and that is to be there for his nephew in his time of need. However, things shake up in his life when his nephew throws a rock at Hope's window shattering it and leaving a debt to be repaid. In exchange for paying off his nephews debt and in hopes of earning extra money well awaiting his sisters trial Rafe offers to help Hope and her family get their christmas ranch up and running. Will Rafe be able to keep his secret buried about his connection to Hope and her family? Can Rafe and Hope deny their connection and just remain co-workers?

My Review:

I received an ARC copy of The Christmas Ranch from the author in exchange for an honest unbiased review. This was the first story of RaeAnne's that I have read that is not part of a series. The reason I bring this up is that some authors that I have read can not do stand alone novels well and do better sas series. For RaeAnne this was not a problem. I thought she did a great job with this novel giving you enough backstory on the characters that I felt comfortable with this just being one book if she meant it to be. In addition, I really love in all RaeAnne's books that she does a great job of knowing what she is writing. What I mean by that is that you could tell that she did research because she went more in depth on certain situations that some other writers might refrain from.

I can't say there was any negatives in this book for me. I felt again that it was well written and that the characters were very well developed. If I had to say one negative it would be that if this isn't a series it should be because I would love to know more about Hope's sisters as I feel there is a lot more to know about them.

I would recommend this book to romance, fiction and holiday readers as I think all would enjoy it.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Review of The Heart of Christmas

ARC from the Author Brenda Novak

The Heart of Christmas

Eve Harmon has always been the good girl in town who had everything a girl could ask for: a great job, a loving family and the best friends a girl could ask for. However, there is still one thing missing... a husband. So she decides on the eve of her birthday that she will live a little and of course drink a little. Much to her surprise when she wakes up the next morning there is a sexy stranger in her bed who she brought home last night.

Rex has always lived a secretive life letting very few people in not even his family so when he ends up hooking up with Eve Harmon he figures it will be a one night stand and never have to see her again. However, much to his surprise, Rex or as Whiskey Creek patrons know him, Brent decides to take a break from his protection company life and spend a couple weeks on vacation.

Will Eve end up falling for the sexy stranger when she promised him that there would be no strings attached? Can Rex continue to hide his past life and family from Eve?

My Review:

This is the third book that I have read of Brenda's and this one did not disappoint. As I continue to read Brenda's books I find that her writing continues to get better and better. I felt that the she did a great job of giving you back story on the new character and also continuing the stories on of past characters you have met in previous books. It was cool to see how she continued Cheyenne's story in this book as it made you realize that there was more that is going to be going on with past characters from the Whiskey Creek series.

In addition, I really felt that this book was realistic in the way that Brenda went about things. For instance when she was talking about Rex's past and why he did the things he did it truly made sense. I also felt like she did not sugar coat what can really happen to people who are in hiding from bad people. You can tell that she did her research and didn't try to fluff things.

Lastly, I loved how she took a character that I didn't very much like in the last book to one of my all time favorite characters from Brenda. After the first couple characters I really felt like i connected with Eve and was rooting for her until the very end! I would have to say my favorite part of the book was of course the ending. Don't worry I won't give and spoilers other than to say I was very proud of the way she ended it. Brenda again made it very realistic but also gave readers what they were asking for.

Can't wait to read the next book in the series and to see what she has planned!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Review of Mr. Miracle by Debbie Macomber

Mr. Miracle 
By Debbie Macomber 

Addie Folsom has returned to her childhood home in time for Christmas hoping to celebrate the holidays with her mom and
to make a fresh start. However, things don't go as planned when her neighbor nemesis is in a car accident and she offers to take care of him so that their mothers can go on a cruise. Will Addie and Erich remain enemies or will they find that they have more in common than they think?

Harry Mills has been sent to earth to complete one mission. That mission is to help Addie Folsom remember who she is and that there is a plan for in life. Harry is given two things to help him complete this mission. One is his advisor Celeste, who is sent to help keep him on track. The second is a classroom. You may ask how is a classroom going to help Harry complete his mission? You will have to read the book to find out.

My Review:

This is not the first book that I have read of Debbie Macomber's so this book had a lot to live up to. Especially in comparison of her previous two Mrs. Miracle books that Debbie has written. It was a good but not great book. I thought that she did a great job of keeping with theme of guardian angels and a mission for them to complete here on earth. She also did a great job developing the characters and the scenery so you really felt like you were actually there.

In addition, I think that she also did a great job of introducing new characters in addition to the main two characters Addie and Erich. These new characters were interesting and I wanted to read more about them so I am hoping she has more planned for them in future books.

The only down side that made this book good and not great was that I felt it did not end right. I felt like the book was too short. I don't know why but it just felt like there was more that could have been written. It didn't seem like there was a proper ending in the book for Addie and Erich. Debbie left you hanging which is good if she plans to continue them in the next book but I am not sure she is going to.

All in all this was a good Christmas story that had friendship, faith and romance all rolled into one. It is definitely a book that I would recommend to my friends and family.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Review of Snow Angel Cove by RaeAnne Thayne

Snow Angel Cove

Eliza Hayward has left also that she has known and worked for in Boise to start working as a Hotel Manager in Snow Angel Cove. However, things don't go as planned when she gets there and her hotel that she was supposed to work at is on fire. She decides to spending the night in small town and head back in the morning but as her fate would have it life throws another curve ball at her when she gets run down by a car.

Aidan Caine has only one thing on his mind this winter season and that is to bring his family all to his home in hopes of making it a memorable christmas for all. However, things change when his car malfunctions and he hits a young woman. After realizing she has no job and no place to go after she gets out of the hospital he offers her employment through the holidays to help with his family coming in for the holidays.

Will Eliza be able to keep her relationship with Aidan purely professional? Can Aidan keep his big secret from his family?

My Review:

I received this book free from the author in return for an honest, unbiased review.

This is the third book of RaeAnne's that I have read. I thought RaeAnne did a great of job of giving the backstory on the characters so you really felt like you knew them. In addition, I really liked how she allowed you as the reader watch Aidan and Eliza's relationship blossom from the hospital where they were strangers to friends to more than friends at the end. This made the story more realistic to what would have happened in real life.

I also enjoyed how she brought in characters from her series "Hope's Crossing". I always love to see authors continue to grow characters even when they have finished their story in the series.

My only negative of the book was that I found Eliza's response to Aidan's christmas gift to be unrealistic. I really don't think from what I read about the character that she would have reacted that way.

I would be very much interested to see her building on the characters that she introduced in this story because I truly think she can make this book into another series!

Lastly, I leave you with my favorite quote from the book from Eliza, "The way I see it, you're like a fairytale prince & I'm Cinderella without the godmother and the shoes."

I would recommend this book to other romance readers who read the likes of Jill Shalvis, Kristin Higgins and Susan Mallery as you won't be disappointed with this great story from RaeAnne!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Review of A Matter of Grave Concern


Maximilian Wilder leaves all he knows back home to come to London in search of his missing half sister Madeline. He joins a local body snatchers group known as the London Supply Company in hopes they can lead them to her. However, instead he meets a woman by the name of Abigail Hale, the daughter of a local surgeon at Aldersgate School of Medicine.

All Abigail Hale has ever wanted to be is a surgeon like her father so when an epidemic comes where it is hard to get cadavers for the school the only thing she can think to do is hire body snatchers. However, things don't go as smoothly as she would like and she ends getting caught by Max. Max convinces Abigail to go along with his plans in exchange for her release and to get her money returned.

Will Max's secret come out which could risk both his and Abigail's safety? Can Abigail remain calm so that she can return to her father's safe keeping or will she start to fall for Max.

My review:

I received this book courtesy of Brenda Novak and Netgalley.

This is my second historical romance that I have read of Brenda's and this book did not disappoint. I thought this book had a great mix of romance, mystery and suspense. It had me hooked from the beginning and held me until the end.

I think that Brenda did a good job of developing the backstory of both of the characters and also the surroundings of the story. I really felt like it was the 1860's. Being a female I would have liked to see Abigail stand up for her self more to the men but then I also remembered that in that time period that was not heard of.

Can't wait to read more of Brenda's historical romances!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Review of A Moment in Time by Tracie Peterson

A Moment in Time by Tracie Peterson

Alice Chesterfield has always been in fear of being hurt again after being attacked and left with a devastating scar. However along with fear she feels betrayed when she learns that her mother and brother are still alive and that they never came back for her.   So when the opportunity arises that allows her to move to Texas with her friend Marty she jumps on it. Will Alice be able to move forward from her past and be able to trust again?

Robert Barnett has always wanted a ranch of his own and a family. So when Alice Chesterfield shows up with his Aunt Marty he finally feels like it might be a possibility. However, there is a problem for Robert because he is promised to another girl by the name of Jessica. Will he go against his families wishes and follow his heart? Will he be able to show Alice that she is more than a girl with a scar?

My Review:

I am a huge fan of historical fiction so when I saw that Bethany House was offering this as an advance reader copy for its reader I jumped on the opportunity. I felt that the book was a little slow moving in the beginning and I wasn't sure which character the book was going to follow. The author in my opinion spent too much time in the Denver setting then she needed to before she had them move to Texas.

In addition, I felt that in the first part of the book there were two different story lines going on rather than one. She focused on Marty's story and Alice story rather than just one.. It seemed like the book was going to be more about Marty Wythe rather than Alice Chesterfield which is not what I understood it to be from reading the summary that was provided by Bethany House.

Once I got half way through the book I really started liking the book and couldn't put it down. I was excited to see what Tracie was going to do with all the characters. In the end I was happy with the way she ended the book and was glad that I read it. I am actually very interested in reading the first book in this series to learn more about Marty and her husband Jake who were also another main characters in this book.

This book was a good read and I would recommend it to other christian readers to take a look at. I wouldn't say it is my favorite book from Tracie but it was still a decent read.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Review of Fast Track by Julie Garwood

Fast Track 

by Julie Garwood

For Cordelia Kane it has always been just her father and her. However, that changes when her father mutters the words "your mother is still alive" to her before he passes on. Now everything in her life seems to not feel right. So with the help from her current and past friends she takes a trip to Sydney, Australia to confront the woman who left her behind and never looked back. On top of that her tour guide on her trip is her long time crush Aiden Madison. Will Cordelia be able to face her estranged mother? Can she keep her feelings for Aiden hidden?

Aiden Madison has always been the business man always on the run and never giving himself a moment to think about anything else but work. However, that all changes when he offers to help Cordelia confront her mother. He realizes that she maybe something more than just a friend and that he will do anything to protect her.

My Review:
Another great book from Julie Garwood. This is the second book that I have read in this series by Garwood. I was excited to see previous characters incorporated in this series. However, what I really liked about this book was that she included romance, mystery and suspense in the book.

In addition, I really liked that how she developed the romance between Cordelia and Aiden through out the book. She didn't have them fall into each others arms right away. She really showed how a how their relationship would develop. In addition she did a great job of showing how a strong woman like Cordelia could hold her own against a strong willed know it all man.

Lastly, I enjoyed the friendships that Cordelia had with her two girl friends Sophia and Regan and their husbands Alec and Jack. I thought Julie did a good job of showing how friends can really be there for a person in a time of need. It also added comedy and laughter to the story!

This was a great book in the series and I can't wait to read more from her. I am hoping the next book will involve Walker because I would like to learn more about him and his past. She did a good job of peeking my interest in his story!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Review Angels Walking (Book One) by Karen Kingsbury

Angels Walking 
by Karen Kinsbury

Ember and Beck, two of the elite Angels who are part of the Angels Walking Squad are sent on a mission to earth to help Tyler Ames and Sami Dawson find their way to their ultimate purpose. Failure is not an option as their success in this mission will set the actions in motions for future missions to come.

Tyler hsa everything he has always wanted: a perfect pitching streak, a chance at the major leagues, and adoring fans. However, in one split second things change when he badly injures his pitching arm and his life seems to start to unravel. Will Tyler make it back it through this difficult time and return to the minor leagues or will God show him the way of what he is truly meant to do.

Sami Dawson has a everything a girl could ask for a great job, a loving boyfriend and a best friend who she can count on. However, for some reason she feels like something is missing in her life. That is until one day she reads a story in the newspaper about Tyler and his accident. Will Sami choose to stay on the path that she has mapped out for herself or will she be directed in to a different path that someone else has laid for her.

Will Ember and Beck be able to complete their mission so that the future Angel Walking Squad can complete the Ultimate mission? You will have to read the book to find out that answer....

My Review:

I am a huge Karen Kingsbury fan so I was very excited to see that she was starting a new series. I think that she did a great job of developing the characters and storyline. In addition, I think she did a great job of researching the life of a baseball player.  She really showed the struggles that they can go through when their dreams don't necessarily turn out the way that they thought they would.

This story was very well written and she did a great job incorporating God, Faith, Hope and Love all i to one book. It didn't seem that this book was unrealistic or not true to life.  I can truly say that i wasn't disappointed at all with this book. It kept me interested from start to finish. Lastly, I liked that she incorporated religion but that it didn't overwhelm the story where it can make it annoying. I felt she had a happy medium through out the whole story. I am very interested to see what story comes next in this series.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A Review of Unspoken by Dee Henderson


Charlotte Graham's world was turned upside down when she was younger when she was kidnapped and trapped in a house for four years. After giving up hope that anyone would ever find her the cops bust in one day and save her.

Flash forward years later and she shows up back to sell of her grandfathers coin collection to Bryce Bishop a local coin shop owner. Little does he know at the time that Charlotte isn't who he thinks she is and that things in his life will never be the same.

My Review:

This is the third new release of Dee Henderson's that I have read. I thought that she did a good job with this book but it was not one of my favorite books that I have read of hers. I thought in many ways that it was predictable and could have been a shorter novel than it was. There was only one storyline in the book that I did not expect that she had in there.

One success that I think Dee always has with her books is that she really develops her characters very well. You as the reader really feel that you know the individual and could be a friend or family member of theirs. In addition, I also think that she does a good job of setting the scenes in the book. I really felt like I was at the different locations that she described in the book.

I would recommend this book to author christian readers but I would not say that this is the best work that I have read of Dee's.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Review of A Simple Crossroads by Rosalind Lauer

A Simple Crossroads by Rosalind Lauer 

Lizzy King has almost everything a young Amish woman could ask for: a loving husband, a good job and a roof over her head. However, the one thing that is missing from life seems like it will never happen and that is to have a child of her own.

Nita has always had a loving family and a good job. However, the thing that she wants the most is to able to spend time with the man she loves. But her parents have other plans for her including working at their dance studio rather than in the deli where she is able to see her boyfriend.

Together Lizzy and Nita most rely on each other to hear what is in their hearts and make the best choice!

My Review:

This was the 3rd book/novella that I have read of Rosalind's and it was just as good as the two I read prior. I though she did a good job of developing the characters and storyline. I was exactly sure at the beginning the way she was going to go with Lizzy's story but after reading a couple chapters it made more sense. In addition, I liked that she involved characters from previous books so you were able to catch up on what they were doing.

I think this was a quick and easy read that both christian fiction and romance readers alike would enjoy. I would recommend to read this book on a weekend or a vacation due to it was hard for me to put it down!

Can't wait to see more books from this author and to read her other series!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sadie's Secret

Sadie's Secret by Kathleen Y'Barbo

Sadie Callum has had her share of out of the ordinary assignments with the Pinkerton Agents but the case of identity of which William Tucker is sitting in prison is a new one even for her. After finding out that the wrong Tucker has been imprisoned she is tasked with find out where the guilty tucker is hiding and bringing him in. However, that will have to wait until she deals with her secret past back home. However, little does she know that the case and her past will intertwine.

Jefferson Tucker has always been mistaken for his twin brother John Tucker for almost all of his life, however, it has never put his life in danger until now. Jefferson gets trapped in jail when the authorities mistake him for his brother. A year comes and goes and his hope to ever be free dims until a woman he has never met by the same of Sadie Callum steps up and helps him get free. Now that he is free the only thing he has on his mind is finding his brother and making him pay... or so he thinks until he spends more time with Ms. Callum.

My Review:

I received this book for free from the publisher and Netgalley to provide an honest and non-biased review. This is the first book that I have read of Kathleen Y'Barbo so I was not sure what to expect when I started reading this historical christian fiction but figured by the synopsis I would give it a try. Kathleen did a great job of developing the characters so you felt like you really knew the characters. In addition, at times this felt more like a not only a christian romance but also mystery. It kept me interested from the start of the story until the very end.

There were a couple parts in the story that I felt that were dragged out a little more than they needed to be and could have been shortened. However, she did a good of keeping you stumped on who the bad guys were in the story until the very end. As a reader I was very surprised by who the crook ended up being.

I think this book is a great mix of family, romance and mystery. If you like Christian fiction, romance and mystery than this is defiantly a book to read.

I am very interested in reading more from this author and more books in this series.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Three Hearts, One Town

Cameron Engel leaves the only town and life she has ever known to find the brother she never met after her mother dies. However, when she gets to town finding her brother turns out to be more difficult then she thought it was going to be.  In order to pass the time waiting to meet her brother she starts working as a waitress at the local bakery.  But she gets more then she bargains for when two different type of men walk in the door of the bakery both with their eyes on her.

Jake Collins has never thought of himself as the good guy or the one-woman man, however, that all changes when he meets Cameron. Her innocence and honesty attracts him to her but he knows that he is not good for her so he tries to distance himself. However, when he sees her hanging out with the local preacher he has a hard time staying away.

Andrew has come to Lincoln County to start the church in the town he has always felt had called him home. What he didn’t expect to find was a beautiful woman whose is not afraid to show her faith.

Who will Cameron choose, the gunslinger who is fearless or the preacher who is safe? Will she be able to connect with the brother she has never met?

My Review:

This is the first book that I have read of Sarah Jae Foster’s so I was not sure of her writing style. Because of this I tried to keep an open mind as I read the first couple chapters. What I found was that Sarah did a great job of developing all of the main characters in this book. However, I felt like it was unclear on what this book was really about. Was the book supposed to lean more towards the story of Cameron and her brother or the love triangle between Andrew and Jake? I would have liked to see Sarah write more about the brother than she did. It appeared in the beginning that it was going to lean more towards that but in the end it was more of a story of love a triangle between Cameron, Andrew and Jake.

I think that if this book would have been made into one book rather than three separate novellas it would have worked better. As a reader I was left hanging at the end of book, which works sometimes, but for me it didn’t with this book.

I am interested in reading the last two books in the novella series to see how the story ends but this was not the best book that I have read this summer.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

TRAPPED by Irene Hannon


When local librarian Laura Griffin finds a note from her half sister Darcy telling her that she has run away and fears the worst. Now the most important thing in her life now is to find Darcy and bring her home safe. To accomplish this she hires a PI by the name of Devlin his group of investigators to find her. Will she be able to find Darcy before something bad happens? Will Laura be able to make up for the time that has gone by since Darcy left?

Darcy has only felt like no one would miss her if she was so one day she decides to run away to Chicago to visit her friend. However, weather and life land her in a homeless shelter lonely and tired. Luckily she find a friend her in stranger she meets and a home to stay at until the weather passes. However, things aren't always as they seem and she suddenly finds her self wishing she was back home with her sister.

My Review:

This is the first book that I have read in Irene Hannon's new Private Justice series. I thought the story was very well written and the characters were very well developed. There were a couple predictable parts in the story that I new were going to happen to happen but for the most part the story kept me on the edge of my seat. I kept on wanting to know what aaas going to happen. Irene did a great job of allowing you to see the feelings of four different characters through the story which to me was unusual and I had never seen before. The only problem that it caused is that it kind of took away from the story that she may have been trying to tell. As a reader I was unsure if she was trying to tell the story of Laura and Darcy or Laura and Devlin. I think she did a good job of describing the relationships between both character groups but the story didn't focus on just one.

Lastly, I think that the book had just the write amount of religion involved. It didn't feel like it took over the story but you knew that it was mentioned. She did a great job of including it where most people in real life would think about God and look to their faith.

I think that overall this was a great book and I am very interested in reading the first book in this series and the next one that comes out. Irene has a nitch for writing romance, faith, friendship and mystery all into one book. This is a rarity to find and I am excited to see what else she can write.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Once in a Lifetime by Jill Shalvis

Once in a Lifetime 

In the 9th installment of the Lucky Harbor series we meet Ben McDaniel a widow who for the past couple of years has been in war torn countries helping improve local communities. In addition, you also meet Aubrey Wellington, the local girl who everyone calls trouble who is trying to revitalize her Aunts old bookstore.  These two unlikely people are brought together when Aubrey’s aunt hires Ben to help finish renovating the store.  Having talked very little to each other in high school will they be able to tolerate each other enough to finish this store?

All Aubrey wants to do is make her aunts bookstore successful while adding in a little of herself to it. However, things don’t go as planned when she stumbles into an AA meeting where she realizes that she may be able to right the wrongs of her past. Put first she will need to make the people of Lucky Harbor realize that she isn’t the trouble teen she used to be.  Unfortunately she soon figures out it might not be so easy as she thought when the top person on her list to apologize to is Ben who has no idea what she did to him.

Will Aubrey be able to right her wrongs and keep herself from falling for Ben McDaniel’s? Will Ben be able to get through this carpentry job without falling for Aubrey and will he be able to forgive her when she tells him the truth?

My Review:

This is the 9th book in the Lucky Harbor series that I have read of Jill’s. Once again Jill does not disappoint. She is able to write a great story that incorporates love, friendship and laughter.  Because Jill does a great job of describing the characters I was once again able to really feel like I knew them and the emotions that they were going through.

In addition, Jill does a great job of incorporating previous characters from other books into this book. I think this is great because as a reader you like to read about previous characters to see how their love story has evolved.

Lastly, I really loved the humor in this book. From Lucille the well-known gossip of Lucky Harbor to Aubrey’s cat who she inherited when she took over the bookstore.  Jill does a great job of combining fiction and real life things that happen in her life into a great story.

Jill once again created a spectacular book and I can’t wait to read more books from her. I think that even though this book is a part of a series it can be read individually. There are only a couple spots in the book that they refer to things that happened in previous books.