Saturday, October 18, 2014

Review of Mr. Miracle by Debbie Macomber

Mr. Miracle 
By Debbie Macomber 

Addie Folsom has returned to her childhood home in time for Christmas hoping to celebrate the holidays with her mom and
to make a fresh start. However, things don't go as planned when her neighbor nemesis is in a car accident and she offers to take care of him so that their mothers can go on a cruise. Will Addie and Erich remain enemies or will they find that they have more in common than they think?

Harry Mills has been sent to earth to complete one mission. That mission is to help Addie Folsom remember who she is and that there is a plan for in life. Harry is given two things to help him complete this mission. One is his advisor Celeste, who is sent to help keep him on track. The second is a classroom. You may ask how is a classroom going to help Harry complete his mission? You will have to read the book to find out.

My Review:

This is not the first book that I have read of Debbie Macomber's so this book had a lot to live up to. Especially in comparison of her previous two Mrs. Miracle books that Debbie has written. It was a good but not great book. I thought that she did a great job of keeping with theme of guardian angels and a mission for them to complete here on earth. She also did a great job developing the characters and the scenery so you really felt like you were actually there.

In addition, I think that she also did a great job of introducing new characters in addition to the main two characters Addie and Erich. These new characters were interesting and I wanted to read more about them so I am hoping she has more planned for them in future books.

The only down side that made this book good and not great was that I felt it did not end right. I felt like the book was too short. I don't know why but it just felt like there was more that could have been written. It didn't seem like there was a proper ending in the book for Addie and Erich. Debbie left you hanging which is good if she plans to continue them in the next book but I am not sure she is going to.

All in all this was a good Christmas story that had friendship, faith and romance all rolled into one. It is definitely a book that I would recommend to my friends and family.

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