Saturday, May 24, 2014

When We Met by Susan Mallery

When We Met (Fool's Gold #13)

Taryn Crawford has always put work before her personal life for as long as she can remember. However, things change when her partners in her firm Score force her to move to Fools Gold, California. The town surprises Taryn because everyone says hi to her and wants to know how she is doing which is a far cry from what she grew up with. But what really grabs her attention is the dark dreamy man named Angel who has his sites on seducing her.

Angel Whittaker has always kept his distance from everybody but his friends since his wife and son pasted away. However, thing changed when he moves to Fools Gold where he has very little space and a job that loves. But what really suprises him is the new woman in town, Taryn. No woman other than his wife has really grabbed his attention like Taryn. Will their relationship into something more then a fling? 

My Review: 

This is the 13th book that I have read in the Fool’s Gold series so there could have been a chance that I may have not liked it. However, for me that was not the case. I think she did an excellent job with this story of Angel and Taryn. It was nice to see her dive into their pasts to find out why they had the hard core shells that they did. I really felt for them when they described to each other what horrible things they went through in the past. 

In addition, I liked how Susan showed Taryn as a strong self reliant women who didn’t need a man to get what she wanted. But I also liked how she showed how Angel was able to get past her hard shell and show her that people do care about her. Lastly, what I love about all of Susan’s books is the friendships that she shows develop for all the characters.

My only dislike about the book was that she dug more into more Taryn’s past rather than Angels. I would have liked to learn more about his past than just his wife and son dying. But other than that I don’t think there is too much else that I would have changed.

Link to Susan's Fool's Gold website:

Monday, May 19, 2014

Meant to Be Mine by Becky Wade

Celia Park always had a crush on Ty Porter when she was in high school so when their path's cross in Vegas it seems like fate brought them together. After spending a couple of days together they end up getting married, however, happily ever after doesn't happen for Celia as she though it would.

Fast forward almost six years later and Ty Porter is reminded of Celia, the woman he can't seem to forget. However, after looking up and finding her he gets an unexpected surprise that he never saw coming. A child of his own he has never known. His future seems unclear now and he is unsure now of what his really feelings are and what the future will hold. Will Ty and Celia be able to forgive and move forward? Can Celia turn to God to show her the way?

My Review:

This is my first book that I have read of Becky Wade's. Her books have always interested me so when this book became available on net galley I jumped on the chance to get the opportunity to read this book. This book did not disappoint at all. It had three things that I love most in books: faith, family and romance!

I thought Becky did a great job of developing the main characters from the start of the book. You were truly able to understand the back story of their relationship and what made them the way they had become. I also liked that she didn't hold back on what life would be like for Celia after she got pregnant and what she had to give up. It made the story more realistic and more believable.

In addition, I also liked how Becky developed Celia and Ty's love story. It was romantic and sweet at times but also heartbreaking at others. As a reader I was kept on the edge of my seat the whole time because you truly didn't know how the story was going to end.

The only thing that I would have changed is to maybe have more brought in about the daughter Addie. I think that she did a good job of showing the relationship between Addie and Ty but I thought their story could have been given more space in the book.

Defiantly would recommend this book to others.

Monday, May 5, 2014

A Sweet Life

A Sweet Life:

I Only Have Eyes For You by Bella Andre (The Sullivans)

This story introduces Sophia Sullivan and Jake McCann. Sophia has always been the little sister of his best friend. However, things change the night of Sophia's brothers wedding. Sophia lands on his doorstep wanting something more then friendship. Will this make things between them change or will Sophia just stay the best friends little sister.

Having bought Bella Andre's books in the past I but not reading them yet I wasn't sure of how the authors story was going to be. I found that I really liked the story and how the throughout the story you learned about not only the main characters past but also that of other characters who would have future stories in books down the road. I am very interested to read the other books in this series to find out what happens to the other Sullivan Siblings.

On A Night Like This by Barbara Freethy (Callways #1)

Again the first book by an author that I have never read before. I really liked it and would love to read another one from Barbara!

May Day! By Heather Graham

I tried to read this book but for some reason it did not peak my interest so i skipped forward to the next book. I am still interested in reading another Heather Graham book just not this one.

Shopping for a Billionaire by Julia Kent

This was a short cute read about a mystery shopper and a son of a billionaire. It was an inserted but funny read and would be interested in reading more from this author.

Built to Last by Susan Mallery

Having read Susan Mallery before in her series books I was very aware of what the writing style was going to be like but wasn't sure on her stand alone novels. I found that I really like the book and found the story interesting.

A Baby of Her Own by Brenda Novak

Brenda Novak is another author that I have read before and have loved her Whiskey Creek books. I found this book to be as interesting as her other ones and was on the edge of my seat waiting to see what would happen next in the story. It also did not end the way that I thought it would and took an interesting turn. I am very interested to read the next book in the series with Rebecca and Josh's story

Dare to Love by Carly Phillips

Wasn't the type of book that I was used to from Carly Phillips but it was very interesting. Not sure if I will read any more in this series from her.

Executive Seduction by Jennifer Probst

Good book and interested in reading more from Jennifer.

In Too Deep by RaeAnne Thayne

I am a fan of RaeAnne's books and this book did not disappoint. Can't wait to read more from her.

Every Girl Does It by Rachel Van Dyken

I thought that this storyline was very interesting. Very interested in reading more from this author going forward.

Homecoming Season by Susan Wiggs

Great author, great read!

Review of whole book series:

I thought this was a great idea that the authors had regarding this book. It is a great way for readers to try out books from other authors by not buying them individually. It was also a great mix of new and old books and stand alone and series novels. In addition, it is a win win for everybody because the books as 2.99 and the proceeds go to help the diabetes organization. Would defiantly recommend this book to other romance readers and anyone interesting in trying any of these authors out.