Monday, May 19, 2014

Meant to Be Mine by Becky Wade

Celia Park always had a crush on Ty Porter when she was in high school so when their path's cross in Vegas it seems like fate brought them together. After spending a couple of days together they end up getting married, however, happily ever after doesn't happen for Celia as she though it would.

Fast forward almost six years later and Ty Porter is reminded of Celia, the woman he can't seem to forget. However, after looking up and finding her he gets an unexpected surprise that he never saw coming. A child of his own he has never known. His future seems unclear now and he is unsure now of what his really feelings are and what the future will hold. Will Ty and Celia be able to forgive and move forward? Can Celia turn to God to show her the way?

My Review:

This is my first book that I have read of Becky Wade's. Her books have always interested me so when this book became available on net galley I jumped on the chance to get the opportunity to read this book. This book did not disappoint at all. It had three things that I love most in books: faith, family and romance!

I thought Becky did a great job of developing the main characters from the start of the book. You were truly able to understand the back story of their relationship and what made them the way they had become. I also liked that she didn't hold back on what life would be like for Celia after she got pregnant and what she had to give up. It made the story more realistic and more believable.

In addition, I also liked how Becky developed Celia and Ty's love story. It was romantic and sweet at times but also heartbreaking at others. As a reader I was kept on the edge of my seat the whole time because you truly didn't know how the story was going to end.

The only thing that I would have changed is to maybe have more brought in about the daughter Addie. I think that she did a good job of showing the relationship between Addie and Ty but I thought their story could have been given more space in the book.

Defiantly would recommend this book to others.

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