Saturday, October 10, 2015

Review of A Winter Wedding by Brenda Novak

Brief Summary: 

Kyle Housman believes that he has lost his only chance at love when he loses his ex girlfriend to his stepbrother. In addition he has no interest in getting married again after his not so nice divorce from his pyscho ex spouse Noelle. However, things change his perspective when his new short time tenant, country music star Lourdes Bennett shows up...

Lourdes Bennett, country music star used to be on top of the charts both in her professional life and personal. However, that all changes when she decides to try her luck in the pop industry. Now she is no longer on top of the charts and her relationships seems to be on the rocks. So in hopes of getting her grove back with music she rents a house in the small town of Whiskey Creek. What she didn't think she was going to get is a hot landlord. Will Lourdes find more than just her groove back in music?

My Review:

I received this ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest, unbiased review. This is the fifth book of Brenda's and is book 9 in the Whiskey Creek series. I was excited to learn more about Kyle's character in this book. We found out a little in the previous books in the series but really were able to understand his past in this book. As always Brenda does a great job developing both the characters and the stories. She really makes the readers feel like they know the characters.

In addition to learning more about Kyle in this book I really enjoyed how dynamic the character Noelle was and how Brenda intertwined her in this book. It was an aspect that she really hadn't done in the past books in this series.

Lastly, my favorite part in the whole book was the last chapter. To not spoil it for readers I will not go in depth but it helped bring the whole story full circle!

Would defiantly recommend this book to romance readers who like both contemporary stories but also a little comedy!