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Debbie Mason Blog Tour - May 27 to June 7

Can a summer of love make up for a lifetime of secrets?

Wedding fever has taken over Harmony Harbor this summer, and the local matchmakers have set their sights on Theia Lawson, a former navy pilot who's in town for a stay at Greystone Manor. And while Theia's got her reasons to put this small town behind her as fast as she can, there's a certain tall, dark, and irresistible man that she can't seem to get off her mind. 

Firefighter Marco DiRossi wants to beat the matchmakers at their own game so he conspires with Theia to pretend they've already fallen in love. It's only for the summer. What could go wrong? Yet as the beach season draws to a close, Marco and Theia find their pretend relationship has led to very real attraction. But when a secret from the past is revealed, jeopardizing everything they hold dear, can this unlikely couple find their way to a happily-ever-after?

My Review: 

I received an ARC in an exchange for an honest, unbiased review of this book. I am avid reader of Debbie Mason's books and have been for a while. This is my fourth book in the Harmony Harbor Series that I have read of Debbie's series so I was estatic to see that she was coming out with another book even though coming near the end of the series. 

Debbie did a great job of creating a well develop character in that of Theia Lawson as she does with all her characters. This character really felt like she fit in the town, family and DeRossi family. 

In addition to the characters I really enjoyed the storyline. Debbie does a great job of carrying the storyline of the Harmony Harbor series on from book to book. But even if you don't read them starting from the beginning she will catch you up. 

If there was only one fault I would find in this book would be that I wish that she would have spent a little more time building the relationship with Marco and Theia like she had with the other characters in previous books. I felt their love story was lost a little bit with all the other drama going on in the book. But overall I really enjoyed the book. If you enjoy drama, romance and mystery or any of those this book is for you! Check it out. 

I am very interested in reading the next book to find out what happens next! 

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About the Author:

Debbie Mason is the USA Today and Publishers Weekly bestselling author of the Christmas, Colorado series and the Harmony Harbor series. The first book in her Christmas, Colorado series, “The Trouble with Christmas,” was the inspiration for Hallmark’s “Welcome to Christmas.” Her books have been praised by RT Book Reviews for their “likable characters, clever dialogue, and juicy plots.” When Debbie isn’t writing, she enjoys spending time with her family in Ottawa, Canada.
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Review of The Lemon Sisters

Book Summary Courtesy of  William Morrow Paperbacks

The New York Times bestselling author of Rainy Day Friends and Lost and Found Sisters returns to Wildstone, California...

Brooke Lemon has always led the life she wanted, wild adventures—and mistakes—included, something her perfect sister, Mindy, never understood. So when Mindy shows up on Brooke’s doorstep in the throes of a break-down with her three little kids in tow, Brooke’s shocked.

Wanting to make amends, Brooke agrees to trade places, taking the kids back to Wildstone for a few days so Mindy can pick up the pieces and put herself back together. What Brooke doesn’t admit is she’s just as broken . . . Also how does one go home after seven years away? It doesn’t take long for Brooke to come face-to-face with her past, in the form of one tall, dark, sexy mistake. But Garrett’s no longer interested. Only his words don’t match his actions, leaving Brooke feeling things she’d shoved deep.

Soon the sisters begin to wonder: Are they lemons in life? In love? All they know is that neither seems to be able to run far enough to outpace her demons. And when secrets surface, they’ll have to learn that sometimes the one person who can help you the most is the one you never thought to ask.

My Review

I received an ARC from the author and publisher in an exchange for an honest, unbiased review. I am avid reader and a huge fan of Jill Shalvis so when I got the opportunity to read another book in the Wildstone Series, I jumped at the chance.

With each and every book that Jill writes I truly think that her writing continues to get better and better. I honestly couldn't put the book down from the moment I started reading it. This book had a great mix of laughter, drama, sisterhood and at times sadness.

I think Jill did a great job of creating well developed main characters in both Mindy and Brooke that you really felt like you knew them. She just gave you enough of their past to know their secrets, making you hold on to the very end of the book to decide what path they were going to take.

In addition to the characters I really enjoyed the storyline of this book. I know that she has created similar books before involving sisters but I think this one was different because I felt that she hit on various big topics through out the course of the book that can affect a women from miscarriage, same-sex relationships, good co parenting, etc. This really made it stand out from other contemporary romance books that I have read.

I am very interested to see what Jill has in store for her next book as this was a fantastic one!

Monday, May 20, 2019

Review of Wherever She Goes

Brief Book Summary Courtesy of Minotaur Books 

“Whipsaw sharp and whiplash fast.” —Shari Lapena

"This is a gripping tale of secrets, lies, and maternal anxieties.” —Publishers Weekly, starred review

From New York Times bestselling author Kelley Armstrong comes a brand new psychological thriller about the lengths one woman will go to in order to save a child. 

“Few crimes are reported as quickly as a snatched kid.”

That’s what the officer tells single mother Aubrey Finch after she reports a kidnapping. So why hasn’t anyone reported the little boy missing? Aubrey knows what she saw: a boy being taken against his will from the park. It doesn’t matter that the mother can’t be found. It doesn’t matter if no one reported it. Aubrey knows he’s missing.

Instead, people question her sanity. Aubrey hears the whispers. She’s a former stay-at-home mom who doesn’t have primary custody of her daughter, so there must be something wrong with her, right? Others may not understand her decision to walk away from her safe life at home, but years of hiding her past – even from the people she loves – were taking their toll, and Aubrey knows she can’t be the mother or wife she envisions until she learns to leave her secrets behind.

When the police refuse to believe her, she realizes that rescuing the boy is up to her alone. But after all the secrets, how far is she willing to go? Even to protect a child.

My Review 

I received an ARC of Kelly Armstrong's new book "Wherever She Goes" in exchange for an honest, unbiased review. This is not the first time that I have read one of Kelly's book but this is the first stand  alone that I have read of hers. 

This book right away grabs you from the start with the storyline. Kelly then does a good job of keeping you hooked all the way through until the very end because you wanted to know what happened.

In addition to the story line she did a great job with character development. She gave you enough information about their past to help you understand them but didn't go over overboard.

Lastly, I found it interesting how the author reconnected Aubrey and Paul & their relationship changed at the end. It wasn't what I was expecting given how the earlier part of the book conveyed them. 

I think readers will like this book if they want a little bit of romance but more mystery and thriller. 

Although I found this book interesting this wasn't my favorite by Kelly.