Monday, February 9, 2015

Review of Dreamweaver Trail by Emily March

Dreamweaver Trail 
by Emily March 


Gabi Romano is on journey to find out what she really wants to do for the rest of her life and takes another job dog sitting in the beautiful Caribbean. Little does Gabi know that right next door to her dog sitters house is a dreamy "caretaker by the name of Flynn Brogan. Much to Gabi's surprise she starts to have feelings for Flynn. Little does Gabi know that Flynn will have many surprises in store for her both good and bad. 

Flynn Brogan left the hustle and bustle of his old life in hopes that he would find peace and quiet on the Caribbean island. However, things don't go as planned when Flynn meets Gabi  and starts falling for her. Things don't go smoothly though for the two as their lives are put in danger when they are attacked by pirates. 

Will Flynn and Gabi find their way back to each other? Can Gabi open up her heart and trust again after her friend betrays her? Can Flynn tell Gabi the whole truth about his past? 

My Review: 

This is the second story that I have read in the Eternity Springs series by Emily March. I found that this book was vastly different from the first one that I read. I think that the reason that it was so different is because Emily went in more deeply about the two characters being attacked and the aftermath of it. In addition, I felt it took a little longer to get to he main point of story. Some one would say that it was the right time in the book to have their the story really begin but i felt that it could have happened earlier.

I really did like how well written Flynn and Gabi's characters were. I really felt like I was there in the book feeling everything that they felt. I think she also did a great job of describing the scenery of both the Caribbean Island and Eternity Springs.

In addition, I really like how she ended the book as it made you want to read the next book in the series. I would say the reason that I gave it 4 out of 5 starts would be because it took longer to get to what the real meaning of the book and those main characters. I am very interested to see where she takes these characters in the future.

I think this book is a great read for both the romance and fiction readers.

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