Friday, February 20, 2015

Review of Teardrop Lane by Emily March

Teardrop Lane

by Emily March

Rose Anderson has always concentrated on her career and making plans for the future. She as come to the conclusion that her future may not including find the man she is to marry or having kids. However, that all changes when her path crosses with Hunt Cicero in the emergency room one snowy night.

Hunt Cicero has gone through the most difficult time in the last year that most people never experience in their whole life. From his sister getting cancer & passing away to his nephews/nieces taking part in is his life more. Due to these changes in his life he is forced to leave the island he has always been accustom to that he finds artistic inspiration, to a town called Eternity Springs. However, there is positives on Hunt's horizons for instance when he meets Rose in the emergency room with his nephew.

Can Hunt open his heart to let Rose in or will he remain closed off like he has done so many times before in the past. Can Rose allow her self to trust again or will she close herself off like she with her last fiancé.

My Review:

This was by far the best that I have read of Emily March's. As she has done with the previous books I though she did a great job of developing the back story and making you feel like you were really in the small town of Eternity Springs.

My favorite part in the book came when she had the relationships continue to grow between Hunt and Rose as well as their connections with Hunts nephews and nieces. I think she really showed how the children would ultimately react to the loss they endured. Out of all the characters that we were introduced to in the book my favorite by far was Rose. I really felt like Rose was someone that I could almost be friends with in real life.

Lastly, I connected with the art that I read about of Cicero's. Just from the way it was described it sounded absolutely beautiful and something that I might possibly buy in real life.

Can't wait to read more books in this series.

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