Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Bones of the Lost (#16 in series) by Kathy Reichs

Back Story on the series/book:

After watching the first season of Bones when it came on TV I was hooked to the story lines and when I found out that it was based off of a book series by Kathy Reich's I had to read the whole series. I have all of the books but only have read the first and the 10th book so I don't have the full background like I should which made it a little difficult to catch on to a couple of the side story lines that were brought up in this book.

The story takes place in Charlotte, NC and in Afghanistan. Temperance gets a call from the FBI when a girl is killed and there is no clue to who she is and what ultimately killed her. Having been a huge help in the past with the FBI's cases Agent Slidell brings her on the case to help discover who the missing girl and what happened to her. Through out the book you learn more about who the girl is and what landed her in to the situation that ultimately got her killed. Elsewhere in the book Temperance helps her ex's friend's son with proving that he is not guilty for what the US government is charging him with. When she takes part in it she find her self half way across the world in the desert looking at bones and getting time to spend with her daughter that is over seas. As you read the book you find it starts out in NC and then moves overseas and the ultimately back in NC.

My Review:

Although there is a lot of medical terms in the book and at times can make the chapters drag on a little I found this book to be very interesting and it kept me reading until the very end. I was very happy with the end that she ultimately had an was very surprised to find out who the girl was and also who killed her. I never saw the twist that she brought in. The end will keep you on the edge of your seat.

I am a huge fan of the books that I have read of Kathy's and will have to go back when I have time and read up on the things that I missed. If you haven't read the series prior to this book the only pieces that you will not understand are when she brings up about a guy names Ryan and her past with her daughter. Although they play a part in the book it is not the whole story and you will be fine with out reading prior books.

I received this copy of Bones of the Lost courtesy of Netgalley & Random House UK, Cornerstone to give an Honest Review.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Just My Luck by Kelley Vitollo

** Goodreads Book Description  

Betsy Harris has always known Jace Macnamara was off-limits. Not only is he a close friend, he also happens to be her boss—making him doubly forbidden. Betsy’s too timid to ever admit her crush, nor ‘fess up to the fact that she’s secretly drowning in her mother’s medical bills.

Jace just found out he needs a wife and needs one now. His childhood home—the last reminder he has of his deceased parents—can only become his if he gets married, but Jace, ever the playboy, never dreamed of settling down for real. Neither Betsy nor Jace wants to ruin their friendship when their fake marriage inevitably ends, so they vow to keep things light, professional, easy. But as Betsy comes out of her shell, Jace begins to see his “wife” for the beautiful, caring woman she is. Can he risk their past for a future together?

My Review

Betsy Harris always knew that Jace Macnamara was a great boss and a close friend but felt like she would never know what he would be like as a boyfriend or husband. Well that all changes when Jace is forced to ask his her to be his wife so that he can keep the only home that he has ever known. Jace always knew that Betsy had a crush on him but he never expected to see her as anything more but that all changes when their true feelings start show as they continue their "fake" marriage. Jace and Betsy soon find out that there is more to a person than what meets the eye as they continue to get to know each other better.

This book is filled with laughs, tears and even a little heartbreak at times. I think it was a great read and a very quick read. I would say the reason I gave it four stars instead of five would be that the story has been done before in the aspect of two friends start out in a fake relationship/marriage and fall in love. Again it was a great read and I would like to read the other two books in this series to learn more about the other two couples love stories.

If you are looking for an easy read and a book to make you laugh and smile than this is the right book for you.

To learn more about the author and see the other books she has written check out her website: 

*** I was luck to receive a free copy of this book from Netgalley!!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Three Little Words by Susan Mallery

Isabel Beebe left Fool’s Gold to follow her dream of being in the fashion business. Now she is back to help her parents with their store and get it ready to be sold to a new owner. Little does she know that the man she loved when she was 14 would come back in to her life...

Ford Hendrix never thought he would step into Fools gold again after Maeve Beebe broke off their engagement and he joined the military. But now with his business open and running in Fool’s Gold now is the perfect time to come back to his hometown and reconnect with his family and friends. However, he never imagined that the girl who wrote him letters for ten years would also come back in to his life.

Together Isabel and Ford start a “fake relationship” to get his mother Denise off his back about getting married but neither of them realize that their just might be something there that might just be more than friendship.

Being the last in the three book series for this summer you never want the book to end because then you remember that you have to wait until September and Christmas time before you can read more books in this great series.

As it has been with the past couple three book series that past couple summers this book, the third in this series was my favorite.  I really liked how Susan built up their relationship from the beginning to the end.  What I thought was different from the rest of the books that I read in the series was the letters that started out the book. It was an unexpected great add to the book. In addition I really like the story of Kent and Consuelo budding love story that you got to see through out the book.  Lastly, I liked how the last two Hendrix boys got their girls in the same book!

I don’t think there would be anything that I would change in this book other than maybe divulging a little more about Ford’s past.  By reading the letters you were able to read about Isabel’s past but not Fords. I felt there could have been a little more added. As usual her writing and characters were spectacular and I can’t wait to see what she has in store for Noelle’s story that will take place in the Christmas book.

If I were to give it a rating I would say 5 stars!!!

Thanks Susan and Jenel for letting me part of this awesome Cheerleading team and to read this book before it hits in two weeks! 

Monday, July 15, 2013

Is There Really True Love Out There.....

True Love- by Jude Deveraux 

I was lucky to receive an ARC of True Love by Jude Deveraux from Netgalley. I have always been a fan of Jude’s books having read a couple of her books in the Edilean series. The story starts out with Jared Montgomery a famous architect back in New York also known as Jared Kingsley talking to his grandfather about his Aunt Addy leaving the house to a girl he hasn't seen since he was 14. However not until you read a couple pages do you realize that Caleb also known to Natucketers as Captain Caleb is a ghost who had been living in Jared’s Aunt Adelide's house for the past two hundred and some years. I was a little unsure how the book was going to read with a ghost as it could either be good or bad. However I found that I liked the way that Jude brought Caleb’s ghost into the story in as a supporting character to Jared and Alix's story. 

In addition to the storyline of Jared and his granddad Caleb you also meet Alixandra Madsen a soon to be graduate of architectural school that Addy left her house to for a year. Alix planned on passing up the opportunity until she gets dumped by her fiancé Eric and decides that the house would be a good place for her to work on her final project. Not until she gets there does she realize that she will be living next to the famous Jared Montgomery and hopes she can learn from him on how to be a better architect. Their relationship starts out as colleagues and friends but slowly develops into something more when they realize that they have same love of designing buildings. You will find out more of Jared and Alix's past and how they come together to design and build a beautiful chapel.

I thought it was interesting how Jude brought in reincarnation into the story also. I have never seen an author bring that into a story before so I found it interesting. For instance it was cool how she described how Victoria was Valentina in her past life. In addition I really liked how she ended the book, as it was not an ending that I saw coming. 

In the end I really liked the book and would recommend it to readers who like historical and contemporary romance fiction. I can’t wait to see what Jude comes out with for her next book. I could even see her adding another book on to this one and making it a series, as there are more stories to be told such as Lexie and Toby’s. 

Friday, July 12, 2013

To Have and to Hold - Tracie Peterson & Judith Miller

Audrey Cunningham was making a good living being a house maid to a wealthy family in Atlanta and wants nothing to do with returning to her father Boyd's old home on Bridal Veil Island. After being on Bridal Veil Island for a couple months she comes to find out that their money troubles are worse than she expected and that she not only needs to find a job and fast but that they might need to find a new home. However, things take a turn for the good when Mr. Morley her old boss comes in town with a proposition for Audrey's father that he thinks would be a win/win situation for all parties. Mr. Morley wants to build a resort on Bridal Island that his wealthy friends and investors can come to.

Things are going as Audrey expected until Marshall Graham shows up and turns her world upside down and her father starts looking ill. She worries that he is encouraging her father to fall of his sober wagon and start drinking again now that Marshall is the new foreman on the job. However, Audrey soon find outs that Marshall is nothing like she thought and starts feeling bad for the way she treated him. She unfortunately doesn't get to truly explain her self because things start going bad on the work site when ghosts start making their presence and explosion set their work back by months. In addition her father and Aunt Thora's health takes a turn downward.

Without try to divulge the whole story by my description this book is not only a story of romance but also of mystery. You keep on trying to figure out who is behind the whole sabotage and are somewhat surprised by who the ring leader turns out to be.

Have read other books by Tracie Peterson I knew that I liked her writing but wasn't sure if I would like the portion of history that she was writing about. However, it turns out that I really liked it and had a hard time trying to put the book down. I am interesting to read the second book in this series and to read more by these two authors. I would recommend this book to romance fans and would defiantly recommend this to other christian readers.

4 Cheese Stars for "To Have and To Hold" a must read for Tracie Peterson fans.

Charmed- a Romance Novel

***Description from Goodreads.
***I do not own Photo, Photo by Erica Ridley/Intrepid Reads Publishing Group

Daisy le Fey is good at a lot of things. Math, science, accidentally turning people into pumpkins... Unfortunately, she's not good at the one thing hiring managers look for when filling open positions for magical beings: Magic.

When she jeopardizes her apprenticeship by getting involved with sexy mortal Trevor Masterson, it's one disaster too many. In order to stay out of purgatory, she's going to have to ditch the human—and her one chance at true love

My Review: 

Daisy wanted nothing more than to be normal just like everyone else. Well her normal being having her  fairy wings and magic. She accepts and apprenticeship as a Tooth fairy with Vivian who is the top tooth fairy in all of Nether-Netherland... However, things don't go so smoothly on her first assignment when instead of retrieving eight year old Angus's tooth she meets Trevor Materson who is more like 27 years old adult with all teeth intact. 

Meanwhile, Trevor thought all he would find on his anthropology dig was artifact's and fossils not a beautiful blond bombshell dropping into his tents a couple of nights before he is supposed to head home. At first thinking she might be crazy because she keeps asking about a tooth he gives her a rock thinking it will make her disappear forever. However, once she gets pulled into court for tricking the Tooth Fairy system Daisy makes it her mission to find not only the tooth but also find out why Trevor tricked her.

However, things from that moment on get alot less normal and a lot more magically weird. His teaching assistant is turned into a pumpkin, a frog teleports him to Nether-Netherland and that's just in the first couple chapters. 

I have to be honest this isn't my favorite romance book that I have ever read but it kept my attention and interest after i reached the middle of the book. I initially didn't really get what I was reading until I got through the first couple chapters. I think the characters were well written, however, I think there was too many in the first couple chapters to remember and at some parts I think there were parts that could have been cut from the book because the lack of their importance. After I hit the middle of the book it had me hooked and kept me reading until I finished. I think with this being the first in a series the author was trying to get as much information as she could in a book so that you can understand the places and the characters but it can at sometimes feel overwhelming. I can't guarantee that I will read the next book in this series but will defiantly try another book by this author. 

I would give this book 3 cheese stars! Good story but hard to get into in the beginning. 

For other Erica Ridley books check out her website: 

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Susan Mallery's Two of a Kind

Book Description from Goodreads: 

Felicia Swift never dreamed she'd hear a deep, sexy voice from her past in tiny Fool's Gold, California. The last time Gideon Boylan whispered in her ear was half a world away...on the morning after the hottest night of her life. Her freaky smarts have limited her close friendships, and romance, but she came to Fool's Gold looking for ordinary. Gorgeous, brooding Gideon is anything but that. 

Black Ops taught Gideon that love could be deadly. Now he pretends to fit in while keeping everyone at arm's length. Felicia wants more than he can give-a home, family, love-but she has a lot to learn about men...and Gideon needs to be the man to teach her. 

As these two misfits discover that passion isn't the only thing they have in common, they just might figure out that two of a kind should never be split apart.

My Review 

Having read the 10.5 books in this series prior to Two of a Kind I kind of knew what to expect when reading Susan's new book. Once again she did not disappoint. The story is about two new characters that came to Fool's gold in the last two books. Felicia one of the main characters moved to Fool's Gold to help Justice and his friends set up their "Bodyguard School" and found that this town was just what she needed in her life. However, long be hold she hears a sexy voice on the radio that sounds alot like the man she hooked up with years ago. 

Gideon moved to Fool's Gold to escape his past so he bought up two radio stations and thought he could make a new start. However, long be hold the one woman who he never could forget show's up in town and is there to stay. They try to ignore each other except until Felicia gets offered the job of taking over the festivals in fools gold and needs advice from the one man who really knows her. As the story continues you get to see their relationship blossom and go through rough patches along with interesting curve balls thrown at them.

I feel like this book was another step up from what I have read of Susan's books. It seems with every book that she writes it gets better and better. Her back stories on the two main characters always seem to become more intriguing and really grab your attention. There were defiantly twists and turns in the books that I did not see coming but defiantly a needed add to the book. I am very interested to see where she will go with Isabel and Fords story in Three Little Words!