Friday, July 12, 2013

To Have and to Hold - Tracie Peterson & Judith Miller

Audrey Cunningham was making a good living being a house maid to a wealthy family in Atlanta and wants nothing to do with returning to her father Boyd's old home on Bridal Veil Island. After being on Bridal Veil Island for a couple months she comes to find out that their money troubles are worse than she expected and that she not only needs to find a job and fast but that they might need to find a new home. However, things take a turn for the good when Mr. Morley her old boss comes in town with a proposition for Audrey's father that he thinks would be a win/win situation for all parties. Mr. Morley wants to build a resort on Bridal Island that his wealthy friends and investors can come to.

Things are going as Audrey expected until Marshall Graham shows up and turns her world upside down and her father starts looking ill. She worries that he is encouraging her father to fall of his sober wagon and start drinking again now that Marshall is the new foreman on the job. However, Audrey soon find outs that Marshall is nothing like she thought and starts feeling bad for the way she treated him. She unfortunately doesn't get to truly explain her self because things start going bad on the work site when ghosts start making their presence and explosion set their work back by months. In addition her father and Aunt Thora's health takes a turn downward.

Without try to divulge the whole story by my description this book is not only a story of romance but also of mystery. You keep on trying to figure out who is behind the whole sabotage and are somewhat surprised by who the ring leader turns out to be.

Have read other books by Tracie Peterson I knew that I liked her writing but wasn't sure if I would like the portion of history that she was writing about. However, it turns out that I really liked it and had a hard time trying to put the book down. I am interesting to read the second book in this series and to read more by these two authors. I would recommend this book to romance fans and would defiantly recommend this to other christian readers.

4 Cheese Stars for "To Have and To Hold" a must read for Tracie Peterson fans.

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