Monday, July 15, 2013

Is There Really True Love Out There.....

True Love- by Jude Deveraux 

I was lucky to receive an ARC of True Love by Jude Deveraux from Netgalley. I have always been a fan of Jude’s books having read a couple of her books in the Edilean series. The story starts out with Jared Montgomery a famous architect back in New York also known as Jared Kingsley talking to his grandfather about his Aunt Addy leaving the house to a girl he hasn't seen since he was 14. However not until you read a couple pages do you realize that Caleb also known to Natucketers as Captain Caleb is a ghost who had been living in Jared’s Aunt Adelide's house for the past two hundred and some years. I was a little unsure how the book was going to read with a ghost as it could either be good or bad. However I found that I liked the way that Jude brought Caleb’s ghost into the story in as a supporting character to Jared and Alix's story. 

In addition to the storyline of Jared and his granddad Caleb you also meet Alixandra Madsen a soon to be graduate of architectural school that Addy left her house to for a year. Alix planned on passing up the opportunity until she gets dumped by her fiancé Eric and decides that the house would be a good place for her to work on her final project. Not until she gets there does she realize that she will be living next to the famous Jared Montgomery and hopes she can learn from him on how to be a better architect. Their relationship starts out as colleagues and friends but slowly develops into something more when they realize that they have same love of designing buildings. You will find out more of Jared and Alix's past and how they come together to design and build a beautiful chapel.

I thought it was interesting how Jude brought in reincarnation into the story also. I have never seen an author bring that into a story before so I found it interesting. For instance it was cool how she described how Victoria was Valentina in her past life. In addition I really liked how she ended the book, as it was not an ending that I saw coming. 

In the end I really liked the book and would recommend it to readers who like historical and contemporary romance fiction. I can’t wait to see what Jude comes out with for her next book. I could even see her adding another book on to this one and making it a series, as there are more stories to be told such as Lexie and Toby’s. 

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