Monday, May 30, 2016

Review of Like Never Before by Melissa a Tagg

Brief Summary: 

Amelia Bentley always felt like something was missing until she came to the small town of Maple Valley and became the editor of the local newspaper. However her new life is about to shaken up when she learns that the newspaper that she has made her life the past couple years is set to be sold if the new publisher has anything to say about it. In hopes of trying to save the paper she sets out to write one last intriguing story. But will she get distracted from the end goal when her new publisher, Logan Walker arrives in town? Will she start seeing him as more than just her boss? 

After nearly losing his daughter in a fire, Logan Walker starts thinking that maybe he needs to re-evaluate things in life. So when he receives notice that he has inherited the local Maple Valley newspaper, Logan thinks that maybe this is a sign that he needs to spend sometime at home with his family. So with his young daughter, Charlie in tow, Logan heads back to Maple Valley for a couple weeks to sell the newspaper and find some peace before he potentially starts working on a presidential campaign. However, what Logan didn't anticipate was a beautiful spunky editor to catch his eye. Will Logan be able to keep things strictly professional or will he end up falling for Amelia?

My Review: 

I received this ARC copy of Like Never Before from Netgalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. This is the second book of Melissa's book that I have read and the second in the Walker Family series. Just like the previous Walker Family book Melissa does a great job of creating well developed characters. She gives you just the right amount of history to understand the two main characters. In addition, I also enjoyed how she incorporates previous and future characters. For instance you get to read more about Kate and Colton who were in the previous book and then you get introduced more to Reagan and Bear who I believe will be a future story. 

In addition to creating well developed characters Melissa also does a great job setting the scene and really making you feel like you are part of the small town of Maple Valley.  I liked with each book that she has written in this series that she is giving you insight to a different part of town. Like last time it was fixing up the family business, this time it was the local newspaper. I am interested to see in the next book what area of town will be focused on next time. 

Lastly, one of my favorite quotes form the whole book was by his father, "I think sometimes believing is a matter of deciding. Deciding who you're going to trust and what you know about who you trust. And once that decision starts sinking into your bones, the wide-open spaces of your future get more invigorating invigorating that intimidating." This quote really hits the core of the book which was Amelia learn to trust another person and opening her heart after it was hurt from her previous husband. 

Can't wait to read the next book in the series. I think this book was well written, had the right amount of pace when reading it that it didn't leave you bored or having a hard time finishing. 

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