Sunday, August 31, 2014

Review Angels Walking (Book One) by Karen Kingsbury

Angels Walking 
by Karen Kinsbury

Ember and Beck, two of the elite Angels who are part of the Angels Walking Squad are sent on a mission to earth to help Tyler Ames and Sami Dawson find their way to their ultimate purpose. Failure is not an option as their success in this mission will set the actions in motions for future missions to come.

Tyler hsa everything he has always wanted: a perfect pitching streak, a chance at the major leagues, and adoring fans. However, in one split second things change when he badly injures his pitching arm and his life seems to start to unravel. Will Tyler make it back it through this difficult time and return to the minor leagues or will God show him the way of what he is truly meant to do.

Sami Dawson has a everything a girl could ask for a great job, a loving boyfriend and a best friend who she can count on. However, for some reason she feels like something is missing in her life. That is until one day she reads a story in the newspaper about Tyler and his accident. Will Sami choose to stay on the path that she has mapped out for herself or will she be directed in to a different path that someone else has laid for her.

Will Ember and Beck be able to complete their mission so that the future Angel Walking Squad can complete the Ultimate mission? You will have to read the book to find out that answer....

My Review:

I am a huge Karen Kingsbury fan so I was very excited to see that she was starting a new series. I think that she did a great job of developing the characters and storyline. In addition, I think she did a great job of researching the life of a baseball player.  She really showed the struggles that they can go through when their dreams don't necessarily turn out the way that they thought they would.

This story was very well written and she did a great job incorporating God, Faith, Hope and Love all i to one book. It didn't seem that this book was unrealistic or not true to life.  I can truly say that i wasn't disappointed at all with this book. It kept me interested from start to finish. Lastly, I liked that she incorporated religion but that it didn't overwhelm the story where it can make it annoying. I felt she had a happy medium through out the whole story. I am very interested to see what story comes next in this series.

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