Tuesday, July 15, 2014

TRAPPED by Irene Hannon


When local librarian Laura Griffin finds a note from her half sister Darcy telling her that she has run away and fears the worst. Now the most important thing in her life now is to find Darcy and bring her home safe. To accomplish this she hires a PI by the name of Devlin his group of investigators to find her. Will she be able to find Darcy before something bad happens? Will Laura be able to make up for the time that has gone by since Darcy left?

Darcy has only felt like no one would miss her if she was so one day she decides to run away to Chicago to visit her friend. However, weather and life land her in a homeless shelter lonely and tired. Luckily she find a friend her in stranger she meets and a home to stay at until the weather passes. However, things aren't always as they seem and she suddenly finds her self wishing she was back home with her sister.

My Review:

This is the first book that I have read in Irene Hannon's new Private Justice series. I thought the story was very well written and the characters were very well developed. There were a couple predictable parts in the story that I new were going to happen to happen but for the most part the story kept me on the edge of my seat. I kept on wanting to know what aaas going to happen. Irene did a great job of allowing you to see the feelings of four different characters through the story which to me was unusual and I had never seen before. The only problem that it caused is that it kind of took away from the story that she may have been trying to tell. As a reader I was unsure if she was trying to tell the story of Laura and Darcy or Laura and Devlin. I think she did a good job of describing the relationships between both character groups but the story didn't focus on just one.

Lastly, I think that the book had just the write amount of religion involved. It didn't feel like it took over the story but you knew that it was mentioned. She did a great job of including it where most people in real life would think about God and look to their faith.

I think that overall this was a great book and I am very interested in reading the first book in this series and the next one that comes out. Irene has a nitch for writing romance, faith, friendship and mystery all into one book. This is a rarity to find and I am excited to see what else she can write.

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