Monday, July 21, 2014

Three Hearts, One Town

Cameron Engel leaves the only town and life she has ever known to find the brother she never met after her mother dies. However, when she gets to town finding her brother turns out to be more difficult then she thought it was going to be.  In order to pass the time waiting to meet her brother she starts working as a waitress at the local bakery.  But she gets more then she bargains for when two different type of men walk in the door of the bakery both with their eyes on her.

Jake Collins has never thought of himself as the good guy or the one-woman man, however, that all changes when he meets Cameron. Her innocence and honesty attracts him to her but he knows that he is not good for her so he tries to distance himself. However, when he sees her hanging out with the local preacher he has a hard time staying away.

Andrew has come to Lincoln County to start the church in the town he has always felt had called him home. What he didn’t expect to find was a beautiful woman whose is not afraid to show her faith.

Who will Cameron choose, the gunslinger who is fearless or the preacher who is safe? Will she be able to connect with the brother she has never met?

My Review:

This is the first book that I have read of Sarah Jae Foster’s so I was not sure of her writing style. Because of this I tried to keep an open mind as I read the first couple chapters. What I found was that Sarah did a great job of developing all of the main characters in this book. However, I felt like it was unclear on what this book was really about. Was the book supposed to lean more towards the story of Cameron and her brother or the love triangle between Andrew and Jake? I would have liked to see Sarah write more about the brother than she did. It appeared in the beginning that it was going to lean more towards that but in the end it was more of a story of love a triangle between Cameron, Andrew and Jake.

I think that if this book would have been made into one book rather than three separate novellas it would have worked better. As a reader I was left hanging at the end of book, which works sometimes, but for me it didn’t with this book.

I am interested in reading the last two books in the novella series to see how the story ends but this was not the best book that I have read this summer.

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