Saturday, July 18, 2015

Review of Evergreen Springs by RaeAnne Thayne


Devin Shaw has everything a woman could ask for: a job she loves, a loving family and a beautiful house. However, the one thing that seems to be missing is a man and kids in her life. So when given the opportunity to help out secluded keep to himself ranch Cole Barrett and his kids she decided why not. However, she finds out after helping them spruce up their house she might get something out of this too when she discovers the hot springs.

For Cole Barrett Christmas is the last thing on his mind this year... He has a ranch to run and two little motherless children to worry about. So when Dr. Shaw comes into his lives and agrees to help get things more in the holiday spirit he agrees. After showing her the hot springs on his land they strike up a deal that is a win, win for him. She will help him out more with this kids until he finds a nanny and he will allow her to use the hot springs for her yoga group. 

Will their friendship turn into something more? Can they both open up their hearts and lives to the possibility of love?

My Review:

I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest, unbiased review. This is the third book in the Haven Point series and it picks up a couple months after Mckenzie & Ben's story ends. Having read books in the past by RaeAnne, I still enjoy her writing style and character development that she has in all her books. What I found I liked more in this story then in Redemption Bay was the main characters. Not that the previous characters weren't interesting, I just felt Devin and Cole had deeper pasts that grabbed you from the being and held you until the end. Another part of this book that I liked other than it being Christmas time was the two kids that she wrote into the story, Jasmine and Ty. I really liked how she wrote these two, they were two opposite brother and sisters that bickered but ultimately loved each other.

The only part of the story that I felt didn't fit in was the sister Tricia and her part in the book. I realize this was how she got Devin involved but I felt that it was something that wasn't gone into as much as it could have been. I kind of thought as a reader that was because you were going to find out more in about Tricia and her husband in the next book. However, that wasn't the case because she wrapped up their story at the end of this book. Again I understood the purpose of the sister, I just think that storyline could have been written into the next book or a novella.

If you are a romance reader who loves Christmas and stories about families then this is the perfect book for you. Can't wait to read the next book in this series and unlike the previous book I really don't know who it is going to be about.

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