Thursday, November 27, 2014

Review of A Matter of Heart by Tracie Peterson

A Matter of Heart by Tracie Peterson

Book Three in the Lone Star Bride series begins a couple months after Alice and Robert have wed and have welcomed a child. This story centers around Jessica Atherton who we first met in the second book and Austin Todd who is a cattle inspector.

Jessica is on a journey to find out who she is and what God has in store for her after, Robert the boy she was groomed to marry, marries someone else. Well on her journey and after dealing with countless suitors she meets two men Harrison Gable and Austin Todd. Two very different men both after the same thing, Jessica's heart.

Austin Todd, a former agent moves to Texas to be a cattle inspector has no plans to make friends or meet women. However, things change when he meets the Barnett's and Jessica Atherton. Not only does he make friends in the Barnett's but also helps them resolve a mystery that has been plaguing Jake and Marty since moving back to Texas from Denver.

My Review:

This is the second book that I have read in this series by Tracie Peterson and I love it. I was a little apprehensive of her choosing Jessica as the one of the main characters as I was not a fan of her in the first book. Tracie surprised me though and really had her grow throughout the whole book. I actually ended up really liking her and rooting for her and Austin to end up together.

What I think Tracie did very well and what in my opinion a very smart move on her part was having a certain story line cross over into all three books. I really liked this because I love to keep up to date on characters from the other books and see how they grow. I am interested to see if she will be adding anymore to the series or if this will be the last one as I really like these set of characters.

Lastly, I think that Tracie did a great job of setting the scene and developing the characters really week. You really felt like you were back in time on the ranch raising cattle with the Barnetts and

This is definitely a book that I recommend to both christian fiction and fiction readers.

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