Thursday, October 17, 2013

Review of Wild Child

Wild Child by Molly O'Keefe

***Book courtesy of Netgalley

This was my first book that I read of Molly O'Keefe's. I had always heard great things about her books from other authors and reader friends so I thought I would give her a try when I saw an ARC copy of "Wild Child" pop up on Netgalley. There was parts of the book that I really liked and parts that i really didn't like. I think that Molly did a good job of introducing you to the town and the characters and giving you a small back story on them. In addition I also really liked how she really made you feel that you were there in the town. She did this by telling by example telling you about the local cafe and bar and how it looked so you could see it for yourself in your mind as you were reading the book. The books theme/outline seemed to be centered around a reality show of a town trying to win a contest that would help them survive the hard economic times. In addition it also involved a romance between the mayor Jackson and the celebrity wild child Monica. Lastly it described the stories of two families torn apart by tragedies and  heartache and what it takes to bring people back together.

As for a couple things that I didn't care for in the book. I didn't like that she had two stories going on in one book. I was good with Monica and Jackson's story and the way that she developed that part of the book. However,  I didn't like how she introduced Shelby's character and a romance she had a with Dean. It always seemed to be brought up in weird areas of the book and in a couple paragraphs when I felt she could have almost spent a whole chapters on just their portion of the story. In my opinion i felt there was also an excessive amount of sex scenes and at times made the story feel disjointed and took a way from the actual story which I liked. Don't get me wrong there were defiantly times that they made sense in the book but other times it just felt like a filler...

Although my review may sound harsh I am interested in reading more of Molly's books just not another one in this series if she adds on.  I think this book I would recommend to readers that like more of the reality show type setting as that is what the book reminded me of.

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