Sunday, November 3, 2013

Fifteen Minutes by Karen Kingsbury

Fifteen Minutes by Karen Kingsbury

Zack Dylan has three things he loves in his life: God, his family, and Reese. To save his families farm he goes to goes to audition for Fifteen Minutes a popular singing tv show. He tells his family that he will stay the same person he is and will be able to save his family farm. However, his grandfather and girlfriend Reese are not so sure that Zack will be able to stay the same person because of the pressures of hollywood. Elsewhere Karen introduces readers to Kelly & Chandra two judges for fifteen minutes whose lives are not what they seem. Kelly used to be a famous actress on a beloved primetime tv show and a beloved wife/mother. However things have changed for her and she is not sure who she really is anymore and is disconnected from her family. Chandra on the other hand is the first winner of fifteen minutes and a woman who may seem like she has everything in the world but inside she is lonely. This book takes you on a journey of four people who are in different times in their lives trying to find out who they really are and what God has planned for them. As a reader you will have mixed emotions as you are reading because their is love, happiness, faith and family all in this book.

Having read Karen's books in the past I feel like I know what kind of author she is by how she writes. She writes books that are both intriguing and also spiritual. I find that each books she writes has similarities to past books but that each one is written differently and has its own story even if it is part of a series. The reason i did not give this book a full fives stars is because I did not like way it ended. I did not feel that the stories that were going on in the book were really resolved. i don't know if this is because she plans to write more about them but if not I felt like as a reader you were left hanging. Other than that the book was very well written and the characters were very well developed. I felt like I knew who they were because of her description. Can't wait to read another one of her books!

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