Friday, April 14, 2017

Review of Merry Cowboy Christmas by Carolyn Brown

Brief Book Summary :

When Fiona Logan left the small town of Dryer Creek at age 18 she never thought she would be coming home again. However, times change and now, 19 years later she finds herself divorced and jobless. Her luck does not get any better when she lands in the ditch after driving on an icy road back to her house. Luckily a handsome cowboy by the name of Jud Dawn shows up to save the day.

Jud Dawn recently moved to Dryer Creek and into the Logan household well him and his cousin work on the ranch that they just bought. Life changes however for him the night he helps Fiona Logan when her car goes off the roadway on icy roads.  Fiona is more than just the owners daughter, she has something that he just can't let go.

My Review:

This is the first book of Carolyn Brown's that I have read and the third in the Lucky Penny Ranch series. Carolyn did a great job of developing the main characters. I liked that she gave you the back story on Fiona so that you would understand why she was back in town and why she acted the way that she did. In addition, she gave you a little bit of Jud's past so you would know why he was in town.

In addition to creating very well developed characters she also created a chemistry that the readers could connect with. She built their love story through out the book but you could see from the words that Carolyn wrote the instant romantic connection from their very first instance. It was fun to see their love story grow through out the book.

Lastly, I also enjoyed that she also intertwined other stories with in this one. For instance the story about Fiona's grandmother and how the Alzheimer's/dementia had affects on both the grandma and her family. This really hit home to me with my own Grandma's diagnose with this unforgiving disease.

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