Monday, September 5, 2016

Review of The Secrets She Kept by Brenda Novak

Brief Summary: 

Keith Lazarow is stunned to receive a call from his sister telling him that his mother, Josephine, the matriarch of the Lazarow fortune is now dead. Police claim that it was a suicide that claimed the life of his mother, but Keith is unsure of that. So unsure that he jumps on a plane to Fairham Island to investigate the death himself. The deeper he digs into his mothers life, the more he realizes that he might not really know who she really was... 

Nancy Dellinger has spent five long years trying to forget Keith and the way he broke her heart. However, that all changes when  he rides into town to investigate his mothers death. Will Nancy be able to keep the distance between her and Keith or will she find herself falling for him again and risk her heart being broke again. 

My Review:

I received an ARC of this book from the author and publisher in exchange for an honest, unbiased review. This is the second mystery/thriller of Brenda's that I have read and the second book that I have read in this series. First off, I think Brenda did a great job of developing Keith's character right away in the beginning so that you would understand why he was the way that he was. In addition, you were able to see Keith's character grow and mature through out the book as he investigated his mothers death. In addition, Brenda incorporated old characters like Maisey and new ones like their long lost sister.

Another aspect of the book that I enjoyed was how Brenda incorporated mystery, intrigue and romance all into one book. From the moment that the reader starts the book to the very last chapter, Brenda has you on the edge of your couch wondering what really happened to Josephine.

I am very interested to see where Brenda takes this story in the next book in the Fairham Island series as I am not sure how she is going to top this one. I really enjoyed this book and would recommend to people who enjoy mystery and romance and want twists and turns in their book as this book definitely had them.

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