Friday, November 13, 2015

Review of Every Little Kiss by Kim Amos

Brief Summary:

Career driven finance extradionare Casey Tanner moved to the small town of White Pines in hope of growing her relationship with her sister Audrey and to enjoy life. So when gorgeous firefighter Abe Cameron gets stuck in an elevator with her at her new job she finds that he might be the perfect man to take on her small specific to do list that has a deadline of Christmas. Will she be able to keep their relationship platonic or will she open her heart up again and risk getting hurt again?

Abe Cameron is your average home town boy firefighter who could have any women in the small town of White pines that he wants. However, Casey Tanner he soon realizes is more than just good looks. So when she propositions him to help her complete her to do list he graciously excepts. Can Abe keep their relationship adventurous and loose or will he start falling for Casey?

My Review:

I received this book from Netgalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest, unbiased review. This is the first book that I have read in both the White Pines series as well as by this author Kim Amos. After the cover grabbed my attention I dove right into the book not sure what I would find. I found that she did a great job of developing the main characters as well as setting the scene. As a reader I found that in addition to having the developed characters she did a great job of setting the scene as well. She really made you feel like you grew up alongside Casey Tanner and that you were going through the same difficulties that she was going through in life.

Another aspect of the story that Kim threw in there was the story of Carter who was one of the Robot Lit students. It was something totally different then the main story but it allowed the material to be a little more deep than just a contemporary romance that is out there. In addition, it added a deeper emotional aspect to the characters that you might have not seen if it was just a contemporary romance.

If there was an aspect that I would change about the story after completing it would be to see their relationship develop a little more between Casey and Abe. At times in the beginning as a reader you felt like she rushed the relationship. However, after you get half way through the story you are able to see their connecton more and their relationship grow.

I think this was a great first book to read in the White Pines series and I am definitely interested in reading more by the author. I am interested to see where she goes with some of the supporting character roles.

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