Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Review of A Bad Boy for Christmas by Jessica Lemmon

Brief Summary

Connor McClain has been through war, pain and loss in the 4 years he served in Afghanistan so all he wants now is peace and solace in the small town of Evergreen Cove. However, fate has other plans when beautiful Faith Garrett walks back into his life. Afraid to get close to someone and fall for them and then leave he opts in for a no strings attached deal with Faith. Will Connor be able to keep his heart and head separate or will he let his heart lead the way.

Faith Garrett has been told since she was young that her family is cursed and she will never find love. However, she did not believe any of the old wives tales until ex-fiance leaves her high and dry. In hopes of having a relaxing holiday and peace in quiet she decides to lean on her friend Sophie and her job. But when Connor rolls into her life all bets of a relaxing christmas are out the door. Will Faith be able to keep her heart closed off or will love be able to conquer all.

My Review:

I received this book from Netgalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. This is the second book that I have read of Jessica's and thought it was a great addition to her Second Chance series. Jessica does a great job of developing the characters so that you understand their background and understand their actions that they make. In addition, I thought she did a great job of setting the scene. She did a great job of developing the town in the previous two books and incorporating the past characters and events into this one.

In addition to the characters and setting I think that Jessica had a great story line she incorporated both romance, family and drama. Something that really stuck out to me that I think will make me remember this story is the relationship that she had Connor have with his past co-worker that he served in Afghanistan with. I think that this was a story line that needs to be heard by the world and she did a great job of writing it.

When looking at things that I think that could have possibly changed or did not like I guess would be that I felt that at times the book went overboard on the sex scenes. Don't get me wrong i think that all books have their place for them but to me I think it at times was too much. It sometimes took away from the good storyline.

All in all this was a great book and I can't wait to read the next book in the series. If you enjoy romance, drama and fiction then this a book that you should check out.

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