Monday, March 9, 2015

Review of Lone Star Survivor by Colleen Thompson

Summary Courtesy of Goodreads:

"A soldier's memories are more dangerous than anything he's encountered in the line of duty..

"Killed in action" a year ago, US Army captain Ian Rayford shocks everyone when he stumbles half-dead onto his family's Texas ranch. Suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, Ian can barely remember his relatives. His former fiancée, a psychologist specializing in PTSD, arrives to help Ian recover. But not everyone wants her to unearth the dangerous secrets he's carrying.

Now engaged to another man, Dr. Andrea Warrington fights her feelings for Ian even as she helps him remember how much they once loved each other. Yet the closer Ian gets to his past, the more someone else has to ensure the treacherous truth stays buried."

My Review: 

Being a fan of both mystery and romance I thought that this romantic suspense by Colleen Thompson would be a great first read of the Harlequin Romantic Suspense series. Colleen did a great job of setting the scene and really grabbing the attention of the reader from the start with how she introduced Ian in to the book. In addition, I really liked that she made the story realistic and true to what a veteran/prisoner of war would be like after they return to the U.S. 

The other part of the book that I really enjoyed of course was the romance in the story and how she had it start out as friendship and build to something more by the end. By building up the romance from the beginning to the end she kept you hooked as a romance reader because you wanted to see how Ian and Andrea's story ended up. 

Lastly, the part that I think Colleen wrote the best was the suspense in the book. I felt it was interesting and realistic which is sometimes where mystery authors can go overboard and lose the realness of a story. Lastly, my favorite part of the book was all the twist and turns she had. For being such a small book she did a great job of creating a well rounded story that I did not want to end. I would have to say that this is one of my favorite mystery/romance/suspense that I have read so far in the past two years. 

Can't wait to read more of Colleen's books! 

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