Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Review: Home for the Holidays by Rochelle Alers

Home for the Holidays
by Rochelle Alers

Iris Nelson moved to Cavanaugh Island in hopes of leaving everything about her old life behind and for a chance to start a new one. She land a job at a locally bakery, a nice apartment and a best friend. What else could make this holiday season better? Maybe a gorgeous Army Master Sergeant Collier Ward.

Collier has always kept himself closed off from everybody but his family. That changes when he meets his sisters new best friend Iris. He connects with Iris like has never connected with any other woman. However, he is only in town for a short time. Should Collier give in and date Iris? Should Iris open up to Collier or just stay friends?

My Review:

This is first book that I have read of Rochelle Alers in her Cavanaugh Island series. I think that Rochelle did a great job of setting the scene of this book. I really felt like I was in the small town of Cavanaugh Island and Iris's next door neighbor. She did a great job of also really building the characters background story so that you would understand why they were the way they were.

In addition, I think that she did a  good job keeping the characters real. She did this by showing what abuse could do to a woman and what war does to our men who serve over seas. I was very impressed how real it was and made me want to read the book until the end.

Even though this was a short christmas novella I felt like it impressed me just as much as a regular book would. I am very interested to read more in this series and from this author.

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