Saturday, March 26, 2016

Review of Nobody But You by Jill Shalvis

Jacob Kincaid never thought he would go home again after he left when he was eighteen. However, things change for him when a tragedy strikes his life well serving over sees for the Army Special Forces. Now back home again he finds that it may take more time than he thought to make things right with his family who he left behind. One thing he did not expect to find when he got home was a gorgeous red bombshell docked at his rental cabin. Will he be able to resist her or will he end up finding that coming home again maybe what he need to open his heart again? 

Sophie Marren has sworn off men since her divorce so when she meets hot army special forces Jacob Kincaid standing on her dock she plans to give him a piece of her mind. However, she slowly finds out that she finds her self attracted to his quiet dark intensity. Can Sophie keep things strictly platonic or will she find herself start to falling for Jacob?

My Review: 

I received this copy from Netgalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest unbiased review. I am a huge fan of Jill Shalvis's work so when I saw that the next book in the Cedar Ridge series was available I jumped at the chance to read it. Jill does a great job of incorporating romance, humor and profound story lines in her book. She catches your attention from the moment that you read the first chapter in the book and holds it until the very last line.

One of the best things about her books are the humor that she incorporates, for instance one of my favorite quotes in the book is when Sophie try to resist Jacob and says, "You wielded around your power like... like you're some male alpha dog whipping it out to pee all over everything and make your territory!"Jill just has that humor that makes you laugh out loud when sitting in a quiet space at in a coffee shop while reading your book.  

In addition to the humor and romance Jill did a great job of touching on tough subjects too, like the loss of a friend, divorce and struggles families face. These type of subjects create depth to the book and make you want to keep reading the book to find out how it is solved.

Once again Shalvis has created a well rounded story that appeals to readers of all ages. Can't wait to read her next book that comes out. 

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