Sunday, August 23, 2015

Review of Until We Touch by Susan Mallery

Brief Summary:

Jack McGarry has one family, his Score family. They aren't the traditional family but it is all Jack has ever known since his professional football days. At the age of 18 his family that he was born into disappears as his only brother passes away and his parents are killed overseas. So when he decides to leave football and start working in the real world it seems like a no brainer to go into business with his two teammates Kenny, Sam and his ex wife Taryn. 

Jump a couple years forward and you find the Score group in Fool's Gold, California. Life in Fool's Gold is perfect for Larissa or so she thinks until her mother shows up and tells her boss Jack that she is in love with him and that he needs to fire him. Initially Larissa thinks this is prosperous. Jack and her are friends and co-workers, nothing more.... or so she thinks. Could there be something more than friendship? Can Jack open his heart to love after all that has happened to him? 

My Review:

This is book number 15 in the Fool's Gold series for Susan Mallery. I was very excited for this book as Susan has been building up to this story since they first introduced them when Score came to town.  However, I wasn't as happy with this story as I was with other previous ones that I have read. I found this one lacked the excitement and adventure that were in previous ones that I have read in this series.

Susan did a great job of developing the characters in this book and setting the scene. I real felt like that I knew the characters and understood their backgrounds. However, what I felt lacked was the development of the story. It felt like you were reading the lead up to their story but that it never really came. It kind of lacked the main love story that Susan has in all her books.

However, what I did enjoy about this book was how Susan had both of the characters develop. You got to see both of them really find out who they were and what they were meant to do. If anything that is what kept me reading. This book really did show you as a reader though that Susan has a gift of really developing characters.

All in all Until we Touch was a good but not great book. I would have liked to see Jack and Larissa's love story have a little more adventure and mystery then what she had. It may sound bad but their romance was kind of boring and not interesting. I am interested to see what stories Susan has in store for the future books.

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