Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Review of A December Bride by Denise Hunter


Layla O'Reilly is desperate for a date to her ex-fiance and cousins wedding after her scheduled date calls in sick. After trying all other avenues she agrees to attend the wedding with her ex-best friend Seth Murphy. Little does Layla know she is getting her self into something more than one little date with Seth.

Seth Murphy would give anything to take back the day that he ruined his friends life, but how was he supposed to know that his best male friend would hook up with Layla's cousin.... Hoping to earn her forgiveness he offers to be her date. But in the heat of the moment he does the most off the cuff thing. He tells people that they are now engaged. Will Layla agree to go along with this charade for the sake of her career or will she set everyone straight even though it might end up hurting someone in return?

My review:

This is the first novella in the "Year of Weddings series". Having never read any of Denise Hunters books before I was not sure what to expect. However, after reading a couple chapters I really enjoyed this christian romance and wanted to read more of Denise's books and this series. I think Denise did a great job of giving you a brief overview right away of the main character so that you would understand the situation as you read on. In addition, I really enjoyed how  she incorporated faith, romance and humor in this novella.

The only item that I would say made this novella a 4 out of 5 was that I felt it could have actually been made into an entire book rather than just a novella.  I am very interested to read more in this series and also by this author. I would encourage both Christian readers and romance readers alike to read this book as I feel it flows across both genres but not fixating on just one.

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