Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Review of To Win Her Favor by Tamera Alexander


Maggie Linden has always had three constant things in her life, horses, her home and her father. So when the threat of her losing one of those she agrees to her fathers request, which is to marry Irish born Cullen McGrath. In return for the marriage her father agrees to let her race thoroughbred.

Cullen McGrath used to have it all, a wife and a child. Sadly because of terrible his mistake his brother made back home he was forced to leave with his family to come to america. Little did he know that they would not make it through the journey as they would fall ill. With no family to speak of Cullen tries to find a home so that he can build a new life. However, quickly he finds that no one will give him the time or the chance until he meets Maggie Linden's father. In exchange for marrying his daughter, Mr. Linden agrees to sell his land to Cullen.

Will Cullen and Maggie learn to work together to build a family and a home? Can two people from two different backgrounds learn to love each other?

My Review:

I received an ARC of the book "To Win Her Favor from Tamera and her publishing company in return for an honest unbiased review. I think that Tamera did a  great job of setting the scene of the book. By setting a great scene it allowed you to feel like you are living in the same period with the characters. In addition, she did a great job of developing both of the main characters in the beginning thus allowing you to understand them better once you got further in the story. It was also interesting to see how the characters changed from the beginning to the end. They truly had evolved from beginning to end.

Another part of the story that I found interesting and actually kept me wanting to read the book and finish it was the story that they had with the end of slavery and how even though they were free they were still be targeted. I think she did a good job of keeping it interesting but also staying true to the time and making it as realistic as possible.

I think all in all it was a great historical fictional romance story that I would recommend to all readers. I think it incorporates romance, history and family.

Can't wait to read the next book in the series.

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