Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Review of Ever after by Jude Deveraux


Ever since Hallie could remember her life has always revolved around one thing, her step sister Shelly. However, that all changes when she is given the opportunity to inherit a house in Nantucket and a new job. But with all new and exciting things comes challenges and for Hallie that challenge that comes in the form of her newest patient James Taggert. Will Hallie be able to make her stamp in this new place and new house or will her past catch up with her? 

James Taggert has always had everything and anything a child could ever want when he was younger so when he is given the opportunity to give back by joining the army he jumps at the chance. Things continue to go well for him in his career until while serving overseas his jeep is hit by an IED and all of his comrades are killed and he is badly injured. After not really completely healing from his war injury he is involved accident while skiing and sent to Nantucket to recuperate. James is against this and believes he will back on a plane to Colorado to recover until he meets Hallie and her no bullshit attitude arrive. Will James be able to open his heart and let Hallie in to help him heal? Can James make Hallie believe that someone can love her over his step sister? 

My Review:

I received an ARC of Ever After by the publisher Penguin in exchange for an honest non biased review.

This is the 3rd book that I have read in this series by Jude.  As was done in previous books in this series, Jude did a great job of developing both the characters and the background of this book. She really had you understand both Hallie and James back story so that you understand why their personalities were the way they were.

Another key aspect of this book that I thought was very interesting was when she got into PTSD and how it affects veterans and those around them. It really makes you think as a reader how it not only affects the veterans but also the family members and if untreated can result in bad things. PTSD however was not the only aspect that Jude dove into with this book. She also touched upon over bearing mothers and non existent fathers and how the way they treat their children when they are younger can affect how they turn out.

All in all I was very impressed with this book and I am interested to see who Jude has be the main characters in her next book in this series. I can definitely see this series going on for a long time as there a characters that were brought up in this book that can be used in future ones.

I would encourage readers that like romance and drama stories to read this book. I think this book touches on all these aspects and much more.

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