Sunday, January 4, 2015

Review of Yours for Christmas

Yours for Christmas
by Susan Mallery

Bailey Voss never thought she would have feelings for another guy but that changes when she meets retired NFL star Kenny Scott arrives in town. Kenny is not only handsome but also a nice generous guy. However, Bailey feels there is no chance with Kenny so she distances herself from him but that doesn't work for long when she is put in charge of a toy drive with Kenny by Mayor Marsha.

Will Bailey and Kenny be able to keep their distances and feeling aside or will love conquer all?

My Review: 

This is the 15.5 book that I have read in Susan Mallery's Fool Gold Series and it was just as good as the first 15 that I read earlier. I was very interested to see how she told Kenny's story and who she was going to have him fall in love with. As always Susan did a good job of building the backstory on the characters so you knew who they were after the first couple chapters.

The only thing that I would change in this book is that I would have built up the relationship between Kenny and Bailey's daughter more. I think that it would have added more to the story.

Other than that I don't think I would have changed anything else in this story. I am very interested to see what Susan does for the next three books this spring as she always surprises me!

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