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Undetected by Dee Henderson

Undetected by Dee Henderson 

Mark Bishop has always put the Navy first in his life. However, that all changes when Gina Gray shows up on base with a discovery that can help the US Navy but also could put them in harms way if anyone ever finds out.  In an effort to discover if her theory could actually be true she accompanies Mark on to his ship to test the theory. After Gina’s theory is proven true the General of the navy intrusts Mark to keep her protected no matter what it takes.  

Gina Gray has always had the brains and the beauty. But relationships have never gone right for her. So when her last breakup occurs she heads to her brothers base hoping to find a quiet place to be alone and work on her sonar work. However, things change when she discovers new things about Sonar and has a theory that can both help and could potentially hurt her brother’s job.

Will Mark be able to protect Gina and also convince her that he is the right man for her even though their age difference? Will Gina be able to open up her heart to  a man that is not her family?

My Review:

This is not the first book of Dee’s that I have read, however this is the first book that I have read in her new series. As always Dee’s writing is superb. She does a great job of giving you all the details and the past on the characters so that you know who they are and what their life has been like. In addition, I also like how she incorporates religion into the story. She does it without you even knowing that it is a key part of the book. This is nice especially for those readers who may want to read the story but who may not want to read an over abundance on religion.

The only part that I found difficult about the book was all the scientific and Navy terminology in the book. I think there is a need for the information in the book but it felt like it took up half the book. It is reason that it took me a while to get through the book because at times I felt like it overshadowed the story that Dee was trying to tell. About half way through the book I finally felt there was a story and I wanted to find out what happened.

I think that the book was very well written and had a great story. I felt that after reading it I had a better understanding of the Navy and about submarines that I didn’t know before.  I think that Dee wrote a great story that needed to be told and has not been told before. I am very interested in reading more of Dee’s books and can’t wait to see what she has in store for the next one in the series.  

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