Monday, April 14, 2014

Lovestruck in Where? Read this book to find out where....

Lovestruck in London by Rachel Schurig

Lovestruck in London Review 

Lizzie Medina has always dreamed since she was a little girl to go to London, England. Not just because she is named after the main character from Pride and Prejudice, Elizabeth Bennett but she has always felt a pull from there. Fortunately she has convinced her parents to let her study abroad with her best friend Callie for a year. The only condition is that once it is over she will come back and start teaching at one of the local schools in Michigan. 

After arriving in London with Callie, Lizzie is worried that London will not be as awesome as she thought it would be. However, things change when she meets Thomas at her first play that she goes to see in London things go from good to awesome. When not in class or sleeping, Lizzie tries to spend every waking moment with Thomas learning about him and London. However, things changed when he suddenly becomes more a lead actor rather than a supporting actor of the movie business. Now their relationship is thrown across TV and magazines and their romance is no longer private. Will Callie choose to remain in London to be near Thomas or will she move back to Michigan to the life she already knows. 

I received this book courtesy of Netgalley from the Publisher to give my honest opinion with no bias. This was the first book of Rachel’s that I have read so I do not have any books of hers to compare it to. I thought this was a great beach read or weekend book. It was easy to read and kept my attention from start to finish. I thought that she did a good job of developing the two main characters and also giving you a backstory on them with out being boring. It was a fun and easy read. I would recommend this book to readers who want a nice, easy read that will make you laugh, smile and wanting to read more of Rachel’s books. 

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